The MINI is launched on Kickstarter NOW!

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i backed the " [Super Early Bird] MINI STANDARD" … because the picture showed that the dual Axis turntable is included…

but in the description there is no dual axis turntable…

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Hi, Im excited to finally own a Revopoint scanner, I think the MINI will be the best for my application as a small figure sculptor I would like to use MINI to scan small clay models with good detail and not too much noise.

I hope mini will achieve this.


Hi @johnchen ,

I appreciate your support! Welcome to join this forum.

Yes, you can get good details of small clay models with a MINI. And, we have some active users who are very kind to share their scanning skills.

If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Best Regards

Hi @pintie ,

Sorry, it’s our fault, and we changed it with the right picture. There is no dual Axis turntable in the standard package.

Best Regards

i got mine
its a huge success

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ok i switched to premium package…

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Hi, I am excited to own the new Mini scanner too! I was wondering if you can give a discount to the Handheld Stabilizer for previous backers of the Pop 2.?

I have pledged to the Mini standard package and signed up to receive the 2 axis turntable reward! Thank you so much!