After update firmware my beloved MINI dosent work anymore,please help

Hi nice to meet you all,i am having difficulties after i press update firmware as recomended in revoscan …before this i skip…now i am regretting of update because my system is not function…i reach the revopoint staff but now nothing can be solve …hope any one experiencing this can guide me…many journey awaits me,cannot stop now :pensive::disappointed::sweat::sob:

If you want to restore the firmware , click quick 10 times on the play button on the back of your scanner after you powering it up, it may take couple attempts until the back light turns green , then your firmware will be restored , and after you do , please do not update the firmware again and waiting for a while until Revopoint come out with better software build to fix the update issues .

You can use Android or Html app to control the Dual Axis Turntable if you got one , it works much better with the custom apps , you can find it in the forum .

It not working ,i think mine is overwrite the original software in my scanner … The wifi also not working

It is just stuck on the update , I think you have to wait until Monday to get support from @Revopoint3d-Selina or @Revopoint3D-Gena

Try couple more time to reset via the play button , but do not connect the scanner to your computer, use charging adapter 5V/2Am or power bank instead . Start clicking the moment after you connected it to the power source .

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Okay i try,wish me luck brother :+1::blush::+1:

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Sis my brother … sis
:blonde_woman:t2: :+1:t2:

Oh,I am very sorry sis :pray::blush:

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