Mac / iOS - There has to be a better way!

Is the macOS version available now, I remember that today was the release date?

Hi, @hastingsio, sorry for the issue. I can understand your feeling. Please don’t worry, we do respect our customers. We had noticed that some users meet the software issues and reported to our product team. Please believe we’re really trying our best to find what’s the problem. But it needs some time. Thanks for your patience.

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Hi, @jburk, sorry, the Mac version still needs some time because there’s a bug that needs to be solved. Hope you can understand. Really sorry. :crying_cat_face:

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Can you give an outlook when it’s available? Please also make sure the scanner can be found when it’s connected with an access point. (That works only with the iPhone, not the Windows Software).

FYI… I tried the iPhone with “no connection” and still have the same problem. iPhone Handy Scan does not find POP scanner. Waiting for Mac OS version of Handy Scan.

@Revopoint3D-Cassie Is there an ETA for the Mac version?

Hi, @WilliamB @jburk Please give us some more time. I heard that the bug is solved, but they still need more test. This is the most important thing for us at this period.

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Please take your time so you get it right. Let us know an estimate time frame when available. Thank you.

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Hi, @Engpete
Thank you for the kind understanding.
We’re doing internal testing now, and I think it can be released in the next week.

@Revopoint3D-Cassie Thanks for the update!

Just jumping in to add my issues.
I received my scanner today, and unfortunately it is not useable yet on any of my 3 Apple devices.
On Macbook Pro: Software is not available on the Canadian store yet. I assume there’s a delay?
On iPhone: Like others, I am not going to change my phone plan just to allow personal hotspots. I bought this thing hoping to take it outside, so I hope there’s going to be a software fix for this?
On iPad Pro: Personal hotspots are not possible on iPads with just WiFi. Only on the Wifi+Cellular models!

Hope the mac app is uploaded to the store soon. I’m looking forward to trying this thing out!

Another week is almost gone and still no Mac software. Is there an actual date for the release or are you just leading us on one week at a time?

Cassie said earlier this week that they planned to release the Mac version this past Monday, but they discovered another bug and they need a few more days. We need to be patient a bit longer…
See: Tester/Reviewer - #5 by Revopoint3D-Cassie

If you are a iThingy person like me with macOS and iOS devices only, you could create your own WiFi Hotspot from your Mac (named POP and with the 12345678 password). I could make the scanner works over WiFi with my iPhone 6s (iOS 13.6) and iPad Pro WiFi (9.7” 2016, iOS 14.5.1) connected to an iMac (macOS 10.15.7). See instructions here: Creating a Wi-Fi Access Point on OS X – Laszlo Pusztai
Hope this helps !

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Name one piece of prior advice from Cassie which was accurate.

I believe she tries to be as helpful as she can based on the information she gets from her developer team. Like you, I’m impatient at getting a macOS version of their software…

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Hi @mmatzka
Sorry, it’s our fault for not releasing the Mac version on time. I apologize for that.
I had pushed our product team again and suggested they release the Beta version firstly, at least.
Please give us some time. Thank you for your patience.

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Thank you so much. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi @Dave_McCaig
Yes, the Mac version is delayed. We apologize for that. I had pushed our product team to release the Beta version firstly. Please give us some time.
Thank you in advance for your kind understanding.

@Revopoint3D-Cassie At the very least, please have the developers provide a new release date for the mac version.

Also as many including myself have requested the phone connected to the POP vs the POP to the phones hotspot as those with out hotspot plan can not use their phone or their iPad that is wifi only. Please request if this is possible from the developers. This question has been asked by so many and so many times you have dodged the question. We want an answer as many have bought this for mobile use specifically and not the computer.