Suggestion - Revopoint WiFi USB Adapter for PC

I would appreciate the capability being able to connect Revopoint scanners to pc via WiFi. Maybe this is possible for users which already have a WiFi module integrated on the Motherboard of their computer but I guess that most users probably don’t have such an module on their device. Therefore I think that an external Wireless USB adapter, which should only find and connect to Revopoint hardware, would open up much more possibilities to use the Revo scanners with computers as the scanners don’t have to be placed near the pc anymore for scanning but still being able to use the use the power of a pc. This also would help to use and mount the scanner on a external armature which is especially intended for scanning different sized objects in 360° as you then don’t have to worry about breaking cables.

It would be awesome if you’re going to develop and offer such an adapter in the near future.

There is another method.

With the scanner connected directly to your computer, configure the scanner’s WiFi as Client and enter your home WiFi router’s name and password (no {space} characters are allowed).

With the scanner powered by a battery or wall wart, it will connect to Revo Scan through the router.

This technique will work for the POP, POP 2 and the Mini.

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Oh wow, that’s nice! Thanks for the info! Is there a tutorial here in the forum explaining how to do that?

There will be. I’m with extended family, so it’ll be a few hours.

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Okay… here’s the progression through Revo Scan to set everything up.

  1. Connect the scanner to the computer via USB.
  2. Start Revo Scan, wait for the connection to register and click on the About icon near the lower left corner.

  1. Click on Settings in the right side of the WiFi section.

WiFi Mode - Client 1

  1. Click Advanced Settings in the lower left of the popup.

WiFi Mode - Client 2

  1. Select Client at the bottom of the popup, then configure your WiFi Mode settings to connect to your home router, the same one your computer uses (even if directly connected). NOTE: The password cannot contain a {space} character, so if your home router has spaces in its password, that will have to be changed.

WiFi Mode - Client 3

Revo Scan and the scanners are pretty sophisticated at finding and making this connection. My computer connects directly to a repeater that connects to the main router by WiFi and they still find each other.


Thanks for the detailed tutorial! I’ll give it a try as soon as possible

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Just tried it now but Revo Scan doesn’t seem to find the scanner vie WiFi. Should the WiFi hotspot also not contain a space character in it’s name or is this only important for the password?

Why you don’t buy USB WiFi adapter for PC ? It starts already at $16 ?

All Revopoint devices uses already WiFi , so it is cheaper for you to get your own USB WiFi adapter instead if your motherboard don’t support internal one.

Make sure you buy 5Ghz dual link USB WiFi adpter as 2.4Ghz don’t works with POP2 or MINI.

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That I do not know, but let’s make sure we have our terms straight:

A “hotspot” is when a phone (usually, but laptops can do this, too) allows its wireless data connection to be shared with other devices that have WiFi but no Wireless Data capability. That is how the original POP scanner had wireless operation. The POP 2 and Mini do not use this method; they can either connect to a router (Client mode) or they can act as a router (Host mode). The disadvantage of Host mode is that you do not have access to the internet when connected to the scanner unless you’ve got a dual wireless capability (my laptop has this, but not every one does).

A Wireless Router (your typical cable internet setup) has a hard-wired connection to the internet; it allows devices with WiFi to connect to it and get access to the internet and, more importantly for the Revopoint scanners, to the local network where Revo Scan is running on one of the computers.

What I have been describing in my posts above is not a Hotspot and it is not Host mode.

To address your question, I cannot verify if the router’s name can include a {space} character right now. I suggest you change your router’s name and verify it yourself. Perhaps @Revopoint can answer this question when he gets to work in another 5 or 6 hours.

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I already own an USB WiFi Adapter to get wireless internet access from my pc to the router but neither that’s what I meant nor was I able to use internet via LAN simultaneously at this point because of interruption. What I meant was something like an adapter which is used for devices like wireless headsets, keyboards, etc. that automatically connects the proper device to the pc as soon as the drivers are installed. The connection between the adapter and the device is dedicated and doesn’t need access to a router. I hope you know what I mean now.

Sorry, maybe I used the wrong wording for my explanation. What I meant was the name of the access point to my router. The problem is that I have to reconnect all devices that already have access to my WiFi if I change the access points’ name. This are circumstances which could be avoided and which were unnecessary if a dedicated adapter would exist.

Yes I know what you meant , you need a very fast connection to be able to capture so much data per second and since currently devices do not support any other connection than 5Ghz WiFi and wired USB , it will not happen as technically it is impossible to alter your scan device just with firmware to support that kind of function .
Headphones and other devices use mostly Bluetooth, and Bluetooth is not the answer for this kind of processing . You need sender and receiver and non of that is supported with currently devices.

That was your first question , you said you have no way to connect your scanner via WiFi because your MB don’t support it, now you saying you have WiFi adapter but don’t want to use it because it blocks your internet access ?

There is no other way to connect your scanner as it designed this way and can’t be redesigned. USB or WiFi and you have both functions available to use with your PC .

I am afraid that is all I can support you on this subject right now .

As far as I know most newer wireless devices are using a dedicated WiFi or radio connection to a supplied adapter. Is just Plug & Play and everything works. The POP 2 has both, a sender and a receiver, or not? So you only would need an adapter that works as an receiver for the scanner only. This should be manageable!

That’s correct. I had several issues while I tried to use both, internet via cable and via WiFi, at the same time. I get a higher bandwidth via cable but that doesn’t work when a WiFi adapter is connected to my pc.

Common, we’re living in 2022! A user shouldn’t have to change both, the routers’ name and it’s password, just because a device isn’t capable to handle space letters. A user also shouldn’t have to choose if he wants to be connected to the internet or not, just because he wants to use a device in wireless mode.

Well that is Jeff’s alternative idea not revopoint’s or my to connect it via router.
He was kind enough to give you an idea to try , not reason to complain .

I wish I could help you with an alternative ideas but it is what it is.

You have 2 options , USB or WiFi, there is nothing else on the market that will connect the device to your computer wirelessly since the software or device don’t support anything else .

The connections via USB and wifi are straight forward and do not require you to change anything on your side .

The standard password for POP2 via WiFi is Revopoint3d … just select POP2 in your wifi networks , type in the password and ready to go .

What is your router’s name? @Revopoint can check if any special characters are prohibited in the scanner’s WiFi configuration.

Alternatively, you could run an experiment by choosing vanilla names (only alphanumeric sequences) for both the router name and password. Set the scanner and your computer to match and see if Revo Scan finds the scanner when it is powered up by a battery pack or wall wart.

If it does not match, then change the router’s name and password back to the current settings and we will progress from there.

Thank you very much for your help, but my point in creating this thread wasn’t about alternative recommendations but rather a suggestion to the developers of Revopoint to develop an USB stick like this, which would allow the user to connect the scanner wirelessly to the PC without complications or restrictions. In my opinion, the possibility certainly exists and should be an enrichment for all involved.

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The routers’ name and password are default, like they’re set by the manufacturer. The name does have space letters in it but not the password. BTW special characters in a routers’ name or password shouldn’t be prohibited by a device as this only encourages unwanted intrusion into the network.
Furthermore. changing both name and password of the router would kick every registered device and user out of the network, which then have to be reassigned manually. So sorry, but I won’t try this experiment as this is and shouldn’t be a satisfying solution for any user.

No, it would not. Worst case, reboot the device. For phones, laptop, tablets, etc., not even that because they are designed to automatically check what’s available as they are moved around so much.

Your home router’s name and password have not been changed from the default?

That’s what “encourages unwanted intrusion into the network”.