Looking at POP 3. What does a PLY file export with the software?

I am wondering what format the PLY file gets exported in? I want a point cloud with color data for each point.

Does the PLY export point clouds, verticies of faces or something else? Does someone have a small PLY file that they woold kindly upload here?

Hi. Here might be the answer you are looking for - in both french (for qnother user)and english.

here another one regarding ply vs obj , only in english :slightly_smiling_face:


As Ivan already replies with the info , the PLY is a rich file format in RevoScan 5, meaning it supports also color per vertex with cloud point and with mesh . ( no textures or UVs)

So if you want a color data with your point cloud that would be the preferred and only option to export as ply .

Great! Sounds like I can export the point cloud with color data by using the PLY file option. Thanks for the quick replies.