Fast scan is only way to export a color .obj?

I need to be able to export a .obj file to Blender. The only way I have been able to get a color file to open in Blender is using the fast scan method. The revopoint software exports a file called mesh_text_obj that can be opened with color information. If you scan using the high accuracy setting, this file format does not get exported and as a result you can’t import a color file into Blender. Anyone have any ideas on this?

Hi @Jonty ,

May I know which version of the Revo Scan did you use? Then we will have a test to confirm if it is a software bug. Thank you.

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I’m using By the way. This only works if you export the file from the scan window. If you export from the model list, the program does not export the file with the color information. Jonathan Brown

@Jonty you mean with textures , color info is RGB color per vertex data and it is not separate from the model .

I checked the export function from Model List and it export both the fusion point cloud, textures and obj
Screenshot 2022-04-22 074451

The only thing what it is missing is the MTL files , you need to load the textures manually in Blender

If you are looking for the object with RGB data color per vertex you can access it C:\Users\YourUserName\handylookdata\project

All files you create in Revo Scan are saved automatic in your project folder, no matter you exported it or not , it is a good backup , no matter you import .ply files or obj files to Blender any of them are good to be used but you need to load your textures manually as there is no MTL files generated .

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Hi @PUTV @Jonty ,

After discussing with the developer team, this issue is because the model with texture is not exported, and the MTL files are missing.

We have added this problem to the bug list and will try to solve it in the next release version.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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I have a similar question about the rgb data. I recall on the pop1 importing the model with color vertex information, but since Ive had the pop2 I dont have that option anymore, is there something that im missing? When I import into zbrush now, there is no vertex color.

The RGB is saved in your project folder separately from other files .

If you mesh the model and texture it there will be still RGB version saved automatic , I used it yesterday , everything working just fine .

Hi, i used the POP3 and Revo scan5; the MTL still missing when export, is the problem resolved? thank you!

I don’t have any issues with that , I exported this morning couple of obj with textures … only obj export and supports MTL
Are you using the latest version of RS5?