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i am a neuoscientist interested in the POP 2 3D HIGH-PRECISION SCANNER. I have a technical question which I hope someone can answer: Can we export the following in the .ply data format:

  • a list of Nx3 coordinates (N points, x- y- z- coordinates)
  • a list of Nx3 color data (N points, RGB color information)

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Almost, but not directly. You can export the 3D data and convert it as follows. I don’t know about the texture information. I’ll have to experiment with that.

  1. Export the scan in PLY format.
  2. Open the file in MeshLab.
  3. Export in XYZ format (optionally with the Normal included).

You may have to swap some columns.

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Okay… I have done some experimenting. The POP’s PLY-format exports that include Texture files are not completely imported by MeshLab, so you only get the 3D data scans. The same happens with OBJ files.

I don’t know if this is a bug in the Revo Scan software or an improper configuration of MeshLab (because it does display colors in the sample files downloaded from their website).

Whether you’d get better results with another 3rd Party application is only a guess.

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