Color scans have no UVs

I’m using Revo Scan to export a color scan, after having used the ‘texture’ step to generate a texture. However, when I do “export > texture model”, Revo Scan writes a mesh file and a texture file to my disk, and the texture file looks normal, but the model file has no UVs in Blender, so it cannot display the texture. This happens whether I use .PLY or .OBJ format.

To have UVs you need to export the mesh as OBJ , you will have 3 files , Mesh, MTL and Textures .

Make sure you use the latest version as it works just fine , since I just exported OBJ with textures and MTL like 20 min ago …

Check if your export folder includes the 3 files when exporting Textured Mesh as OBJ.

If it do and you still not see UVs in Blender, send to me the 3 files zipped to I will check for you .

When I export as OBJ, I only get two files, the .OBJ and the .JPG. It never creates an .MTL file.

I’m on Revo Scan 5.3.4 on Windows 10.

Now that is very weird … anyway a new improved RS update is on the way anyway , so I would not bother here much to find the issue … just wait couple of days for the new update .

However I am curious why not UVs in your case , I can only thinking the project may got corrupted … sometimes it happens that the software creates textures from the color per vertex and skip the UVs , at least I experienced it couple of times before .

Please try to create the textures from color per vertex and see if it create MTL by export or not since you have now 2 options … if not, try quick another project to make sure it is not corrupted some how .

And when you export , make sure the render preview is set to TEXTURED and export as OBJ ( *.ply don’t support MTL )

If not working , I would suggest to wait for the new update , maybe this weekend or after in 2-4 days .

Or at least try to reinstall the current software …

I figured it out.

If I do this:

  1. Open RevoScan, open the project
  2. Generate a texture
  3. Save the project, close RevoScan; re-open RevoScan, open the project
  4. Export the texture model as OBJ

then it produces an .obj, AND a .jpg of the texture(!), but it does NOT produce a .mtl file, and the obj does NOT have UVs.

But if I skip step 3, i.e. if I export in the SAME session as I generated the texture, THEN the .mtl file and UVs are created correctly.

What’s strange is that in both cases, the texture IS still written to disk! So the project definitely DOES still have it… it just seems to forget that it has it, even though it writes it to disk anyway

The files are saved in rich format as *.ply inside your project that includes UVs inside *.ply files , once you export it , the software convert the rich document *. ply to *.obj and creates MTL .

The project always have it regardless if you exported it or not once you create textures … but it seems to be a bug in this case as the program convert the wrong *.ply in this case to * obj, for that reason no UVs and no MTL , the project includes 2 types of *.ply where one of them do not includes UVs … and that is the issue here … as you said …it " forgot" which one to use after saving and reopening.

Thank you for finding it out …