UV's / Textures import to Blender

Hi! Please help me with UV’s and Textures importing to Blender 3.5. I have tried to import .obj and .ply, but both are with empty UV’s.

How I can import scanned models with textures to Blender?

Thank you in advance!


Do you mean that your imported OBJ don’t have UV’s ? Or you mean you don’t know how to load textures on your mesh in Blender ?

What Revo Scan version do you use ?

Yes, I mean OBJ doesn’t have UV’s. Revo Scan Version:

Revo Scan 4.3.1 is already archived and there will be no more updates for it .

I recommend you install the last Revo Scan 5 software . You can install it on the side without removing the old software if you like.

Just remember that at this moment Revo Scan 5 can’t open Revo Scan 4 projects as it is a new software and project extensions are different , you can only import Fused point cloud and meshes .

I would recommend that you export only OBJ when you have textured model OBj+ Textures , and use ply files only if you want RGB Color per vertex data ( no textures )

When you export OBJ make sure you get that and it working just fine with Revo Scan 5 and you can import it to any 3D programs and it works fine:

Screenshot 2023-04-10 133404

Exported PLY meshes do not have UV’s information , only RGB per vertex color and need to be exported before texturing to keep that proportions so actually after meshing .
Blender support RGB ply as well, all you need is to change the view display .
But if you textured the mesh in Revo Scan you going to lose that data information .


  1. Fuse
    4.Export as OBJ +Textures

3. Export as PLY to keep RGB color per vertex ( no textures just color)


Thank you very much for your thorough response! It was really helpful and I appreciate the time and effort you put into it. I feel much more confident now and I have a better understanding of the topic.

Thanks again for your help!

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Any time ! you more than welcome !