New RevoScan 5.0

yea they keep coming back for more so clearly we’re doing something right lol

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@PUTV: I forgot to also ask about supporting 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse devices.
That has already been requested in the forum in the past.

Will that feature make it into the final release of version 5?
Most of the 3D and CAD tools support it. So would be really nice to have also support for it in RevoScan 5.0.


I can’t answer you that question 100% at this moment, it was suggested and on a list , right now not even my Wacom Cintiq Monitor respond the way it should , they will probably think about it in the later stage as many new future features are on the list , right now everything is new and the main focus is on the base functionality for all platforms.

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Constant dropping wears away a stone. You could ask them from time to time. :wink:


Trust me I do , I just don’t know when this function will appear in the software , it is on the to do list .


Hello, Piotr from Poland here. This is my first post.I am POP2 user and wait for recently backed RANGE scanner.

I have some comments/ideas about the new RevoScan 5.0 (WIN version)

As it’s still beta, I won’t talk about functionality, I’m sure that each next version will add new features and improve existing ones.

I have a few comments about the 5.0 interface.

  1. The main window of the program does not support “sticking” the window to the edges/corners of the screen.

  2. The main program window always starts in a window. I don’t know of a way to automatically run it in full screen.

  3. Double-clicking on the title bar activates the rename function instead of maximizing the window as standard for Windows. It’s very irritating.

  4. Popup windows need to be closed by clicking on the X instead of auto-hiding when the mouse cursor leaves the window.

  5. I would like to be able to completely disable popup hints in Program Options. Hints are needed only at the beginning of using the program, later they are only annoying when you accidentally turn them on.

  6. It is not possible to change the point cloud/mesh view when using the selection tools. In Revo Studio, the right mouse button was used for selection, and there was no such problem. Maybe it would be possible to move the model, e.g. with the CTRL button on?

  7. Each time the selection tool is used and the selected area is deleted, it is turned off and the cursor returns to the default mode (rotating the model). Is it intended? I’d rather not leave the selected selection mode.

  8. Overlap detection. Since the most sensible way to use this function is to remove all overlapped points, why do I have to click the Detect/Apply buttons several times? Couldn’t the whole sequence happen automatically? Or at least as an option?

  9. Are there plans to add a model coordinate system manipulation tool? I find it very useful.

  10. I know it’s nothing important, but the blue color of the point cloud /mesh doesn’t really match the new dark RevoScan interface. Would it be possible to add the ability to choose this color in the program options? Or maybe two colors - different for the point cloud and different for the mesh?



For changing the rotation/view of the model while using selection tools click CTRL key + left mouse button for rotation , CTRL key + right mouse button for dragging

Overlapped points are in layers , each time you click Detect and Apply it shifting automatic to a new layer detecting new points .
It can’t be automatic , since in some cases you don’t want to move all layers , scans of some objects do have very close details to each other, automatic function would delete the areas you don’t want to so this is very precise process , same with isolated points , if you scan a tree and leafs or branches are not connected to the base trunk they will be deleted and you don’t want that , in this case automatic process will not works .

If you want automatic process use the Auto Edit , but right now the quality of it is still too low to be usable but will improve in the future .

It is on the To do list , but when it gonna be added cant answer you at this moment .

Thank you Piotr for your suggestions !

Serdecznie pozdrawiam I witam na naszym portalu !


Thank you Katarzyna! I don’t know how I missed it.

A few more points to add to my list:

  1. Menu => Display => Perspective/Orthogonal View

The selection of the last view is not remembered, after restarting RevoScan the setting returns to the perspective view.

  1. The number of polygons/vertex displayed in the lower left corner is not updated after meshing/remeshing. To see the current values, you need to leave and return to the Edit tab.

  2. Unable to open ply/obj/stl files by drag’n’drop on the Revoscan icon. It is impossible to associate Revoscan as the default program for opening the above-mentioned file types. Revo Studio had no such problems.


Is the revoscan5 compatible with pop2?

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Yes, pop1, Pop2, mini and Range!

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Hi Piotr , yes that is correct , it is still a bug that need to be fixed , switching quick back and forth to any Tab will update it .

The rest of your suggestions going to be taken in consideration ASAP

Thank you

Yes with all Revopoint Devices .

Love the 5.0 software except one big issue. The scaling on 1440p ultrawide monitors is absolutely massive. There needs to be a way to make the UI smaller for 1440p monitors. I can’t even see the whole UI.

Here is a picture of chrome browser next to Revo Scan 5. Look at the text size and start menu compared to some of these buttons in revoscan. its HUGE.

I cant even see the whole screen. Maybe there’s a shortcut I’m missing to zoom out the UI but haven’t found it so far.


That’s been reported several times already. You should see it on my 32" 4k screen. The text is so big I could operate it from the other side of the room!


Hi @ntauth please post it to the feedback thread … including version of your RS5.
The last one is already 5.0.1 I guess the scaling is still not fixed .

Glad to hear its been reported already!

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First Time UIser. I installed the Latest Version of the RevoScan Software to Try out this product which is being lent to me by a client. I cannot actually see the complete software window on my PC. I have a Good PC with a widescreen monitor which I use for CAD and 3d Design. I am running WIndows 11. I have check my Screen settings and can find nothing that seems to correct this issue.
Screen Res = 5120x1440 Scale is set to 100%. Normally when you see these issues its because the Scale is Set to something other than 100% but that is not the case this time.

The software do not resize yet the way it should , it is not fixed yet .
It is not your fault.
It works best right now with 1920x1080 resolution .

Revo Scan version: V5.0.2.214
System : Windows 10 Pro 22H2. ASUS X370 PRO, AMD AMD Ryzen 7 1700X, 32GB
Scanner: MINI
Your feedback & suggestion:
The merge function of RevoScan 5 works well, when the scans have approximately the same orientation. However, the feature option and the marker option fail completely if the object was scanned in a different position. (e.g. rotated 180 degrees). Since I want to use the scanner to produce spare parts, I normally need scans from all sides.

To solve this problem, I currently export all scans as a point cloud and use MeshLab’s Align function to merge the scans into one object. For this purpose, the scans are to be roughly aligned and then the align process to be initiated. This can be done several times and thus the result can be improved step by step.
The quality of the result is displayed as a numerical value. Then I import the point cloud of the merged scan back into RevoScan 5.

It would be handy if the merge function of Revoscan 5 would be improved so that it is comparable to Meshlabs Align function.