Leave your feedback & suggestions on the Revo Scan 5

Where? Can you take a screenshot?

Under Edit tab /Mesh/Smoothing
You can control the levels manually to your liking.

Sorry I am on my phone right now .

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Revo Scan version: V5.0.0.177
System : Windows 10 Pro 22H2. ASUS X370 PRO, AMD AMD Ryzen 7 1700X, 32GB
Scanner: MINI
Your feedback & suggestion:
Manual Edit; Fill holes: it would be nice to have the “select all” function. Its easier to deselect the holes which shall not be filled especially when there are a lot of very small holes.
Best Regards
Wolfgang Kirschner


System: iMac
Scanner: Pop 2
I feel like this is a huge improvement for the Revopoint users. With this software I am able to scan an object multiple times and then merge them together to create a full mesh. Which in my opinion just this one little feature is absolutely AMAZING.

Scanning is also a lot smoother and doesn’t lose track as much which makes it smooth sailing to scan something.

You can also edit the mesh whilst staying in RevoScan which before I was exporting to revostudio to fill holes and then importing the model into Blender to edit out all the unwanted parts of the scan but now I can do it all in one place!

The only minor thing that I don’t like is the dark workspace. I have a visual stress which makes things a little harder. I would maybe suggest a little drop down menu so people can select what colour they want their workspace to be? I understand that only 20% of the world population have this condition and I might only be 1% that uses your products so in the grand scheme of things it might not be a priority but that’s my one and only negative piece of feedback.

  1. Pin the turntable window in front while scanning.
  2. Correct the degree setting of the turntable, you can’t set the degree until after you disconnect and reconnect.
  3. Give the possibility of taking single shots for the detection of the point cloud (a lot of fps does not mean a better scan).
  4. Give the ability to pair small removable object parts during the same scan. For example: I scan a machine where there is a person inside, obviously the person’s legs will not be filmed because they are hidden in shaded areas, at this point I remove the person and scan alone, the software must recognize parts of the 2 objects in common and then repositions everything in the same coordinates.
  5. Add language translations (German, Spanish, Italian)
  6. Improve auto focus
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Please get stabiliser to work IOS and Win 10.

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Hi @kirschnw

Could you send the project files to us? You can upload it to Wetransfer or Dropbox, then send the link to forum@revopoint3d.com.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Hi @Jacinta,

I understand your feeling and have shared your feedback with our product manager.

Thank you for your feedback.

Hi @kirschnw ,

I agree with you. I mentioned this suggestion to our dev team last week. We will improve it in the future.

Revo Scan-Version: V5.0.0.177
System: Windows 10
Scanner: MINI , Dualaxis Turntable, Handheld

First impression of the software is very good. But now the problem. The turntable cannot be connected. the pc has no bluetooth. With the 4.x it was no problem. Must have connected via the MINI. Please suggest.

**Revo Scan version:RevoScan 5 Beta
**System : Windows 10
**Scanner: POP2
**I cannot see the whole SW on my 27 inch square monitor (Revosvan is to wide, seems like it does not resize,

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I guess you will need a Bluetooth dongle.
For my knowledge the Turntable is currently unlinked from using the scanners Bluetooth in RS5 .
I am not sure if that feature returns or not in the final version .

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That would be a shame. The 5 or 10 dollars for a dongle are not bad but again cumbersome. I hope that it will still find its way into the R5. I’ll wait before I expand my PC with a dongle.

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I will ask on Monday the dev.team about it exactly to be sure .

Revo Scan version:
System : WINDOWS 11
Scanner: MNI

Feedback: shortcuts, we need more shortcuts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Hi MrVette, if your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth, please download the Dual-axis Turntable R.C. app at this link, so that you can control the Dual-axis turntable through your Android phone.

Revo Scan version:
System : WINDOWS 11
Scanner: MNI

I have one more concern and the handheld stabilizer can be connected but it tells me that no scanner is connected, meaning I can’t scan with the handheld scanner.

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Revo Scan version:
System : WINDOWS 11
Scanner: MINI

Add a “Copy Version Number” to Help - About Revo Scan.

It would be even better if a copy function is built in where all relevant data is copied, such as the operating system and the scanner or everything that is integrated into the system hardware.

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Thanks for the hint. I tried that yesterday, but it’s very cumbersome. is at the moment but probably the only solution for me.

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