I'd like to congratulate the team on the Kickstarter campaign, but

… I can’t.
You’ve given a vibe of chaos behind the scenes.
First there was this fiasco with the various packages listing where the listing for the Mini Standard, clearly showed that it comes with the Turntable. It took you guys almost an hour to clear that up.
Now people are getting informed that infact the Revo Mini does not support grabbing textues even though your own promotional material on the KS page said it does.
Now you’re suggesting that it might be a strecth goal if enough backers say they’d like to have texture capture too??? A hardware modification as a stretch goal!!!
I’ve been with you for a while, I know that you actually work hard, we have a great line of communication here, and it seems you’re listening - you have a big reserve of trust in me and probably in most users of this forum.
But we are not the entire world, be carefull the Kickstarter campaign is not over yet, all of these people can still cancel the pledge.
If I didn’t know you before the campaign I would be very suspicious right about now and would seriously be considering cancelling the pledge.
Get in front of it, clear the confussion fast guys.


I don’t know who came with the idea of including RGB camera , it should be not from the start . How you going to scan color data with a Blue light scanner that can’t have too bright lighting for scanning , it don’t have a proper white light that is synchronized with the Blue Light projector , there would be 1 frame lost per second when even using RGB affecting even more the tracking , You can’t just throw in RGB camera and problem is solved .
Another issue , the level of data collected while scanning will require 6 or more processing times to generate the textures and even more memory that a phones could not handle anymore . I scanned 0.7mm cube , it has 3 millions of polygons of data , now add to it color data not to mention the textures would have to be at least 8K to collect all the color informations .

It is possible ? yes it is but the upgrade to MINI will not ends on adding just RGB camera , it needs additional light source to capture color data every second in sync with the Blue Light projector

Now 2 possibilities , adding the RGB camera and light source to MINI, or create RGB adapter that allows you to use your phone or DSLR to capture the color data for the software in synchronization with MINI.
Personally I would prefer the RGB adapter that could be used with POP,POP2 and MINI
I am glad my sample don’t have RGB camera , because most all objects need 3D spray , so what I am going to capture the color data for ? white objects ? blue light scanner are not made to scan colorful objects to begin with , since most colors will be too dark to be even visible in Depth cam preview at highest settings, no orange, no green, no red , not even tan skin . So most objects and materials need to be prepared , for that reason I see zero needs for RGB camera in this case , waste of resource and it will only downgrade the device .


It’s not about the hardware - it’s about how Revopoint as a company came out.
Advertising stuff on Kickstarter with features the final product is not going to have is scam 101. They made stupid mistakes, the Kickstarter campaign was obviously rushed, they didn’t proof read their own Kickstarter page :confused:


I’m agree with your explanation and I understand why RGB feature collides with blue light technology. In fact, like you, I rather not having it because I wont make use of it and I dont want mesh scanning performance to be compromised in any way. But we’ve been sold a different story from the start and we backed the project for a bunch of specs that are already being removed just 1 day after the launch of the KS campaign.

Many ppl appreciate texture characteristics because of their line of work and may have jumped in not only because of the 0,02mm precision.

So what do you suggest us to do now? Forget about that spec and keep trusting that there wont be more surprises in the following 43 days of campaing?

If Revopoint is finally not including RGB feature, they must compensate pledgers somehow. By adjusting the price of the product, including additional accesories or whatever they see fit.

But Revopoint can’t force us to think that an advertised feature (that may never works well on MINI scanner) is now becoming a stretch goal of the campaign.

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The huge issue now is the hardware . The rest was rushed , but mostly fixed already so no make sense to beat a dead horse.

beat a dead horse

well you still talking about the hardware .

Indeed. Texture capture isn’t a deal breaker for me, but it’s something I expected at the time of pledging.

It’s something that, if not part of the final product, has me thinking twice.

I don’t care about “Technologically speaking, it was never a great idea anyway” excuses. I signed up for a product with certain capabilities. I expect to either receive a product with those capabilities, or be offered some form of compensation.


I do agree with you on that … I had yesterday conversation with the team leader and I did expressed my point of view .
What they decided on that I don’t know , but they will not just forget about it or ignore it so I see not reason to be concerned .


And you thinking they will just let it go and forget about ? this is all based on speculations and not actually facts .
Nobody said they will not do that , the whole thing started when people saw our MINI samples without the RGB camera and got concerned . Then the wrong replies from the marketing team made it looking not better . But the production did not started yet , and nothing is written in a stone .

I do not speak in the name of Revopoint , I just expressed my own point of view on that.

The rest was rushed , but mostly fixed already so no make sense to beat a dead horse.

You can’t say that - people pledged based on the information given.
They are going to be angry and they have a right to.
Sure there is no harm done to pledgers, they can cancel the pledge - but it does harm to Revopoint as a company. I like them, I want them to do good.
They should come out with a statement.
Whatever they say will be much safer than whatever people on Fb will start theorizing if Revopoint just keeps quiet.


Conspiracy theorist feeding on the dramas now , most of them are familiar faces .

Kickstarter is not an online store , you pledge to make things actually happen , and since the goal was very low and actually now 1000% more than asked , I am sure they will make it happen one way or another . I know them to well personally to be concerned .

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Kickstarter is not an online store

I have “lost” so much $ on KS and IGG that i vowed to myself never to return , yet here i am “buying” a MINI. , you are correct both Revopoint (and Crealty) are established and reputable.

BTW, my 1st 3d scanner was an EORA3D from KS investment. The hardware (boat anchor) is in a drawer because the team vanished from earth without a trace after their beta software was so error prone. ugh

Same here, I have box full of KS gadgets that do not even works at all , I did pledged also EORA3D and paid top pledge of $500 , the scanner never worked for once , it is nicely done but that is all , without the software it is worthless, I saw some guys were working on a windows 10 version , but everything got quiet . And what we should do ? crying for years about that we lost money ? we know the risks , that’s what KS is and I will never pledge anything there again , unless I know the company and their products .
I paid for POP and POP2 full price in the store . I like it and I don’t mind to pay the full price . And If I did not tested the MINI , I would make my pledge on KS for sure . Revopoint is a solid company and definitely on my trusted KS list.

I’ve actually been lucky the last 6 onths: Pop2, Anycubic Ultra DLP printeer, x-tool M1 laser cutter - they all turned out amazing :slightly_smiling_face:
But yes, I remember a usb camera that would watch your hand movemnets on any surface and work as a mous or a virtual keyboard - got the hardware - the software never came :joy:

Well…I guess you’ve seen this by now:

I hope they find the way not to compromise accuracy, neither slow down the scan process. I’ve read there is an option to disable texture capture in POP/ POP2, is this correct??

Can the Revopoint Mini Team, make the RGB camera so it can be turned on/off by the user, depending upon need? That way there would be no negative impact on scans, if not desired.


Josh: that’s exactly what I meant, that’s what they were supposed to do.
VikingELS: The RGB camera itself does not interfere with the scan quality. It’s just that if you want to use the RGB camera and get good results with it, you’ll have to properly light your subject with even white light - and it is this light that might interfere with the scanning. Don’t want to use the RGB camera? Fine, don’t use it and scan in the darkness or low light - you’ll get the best quality scans possible :slight_smile:


Josh , that is the problem , you will lose already one frame to capture the color data per second , less frames more tracking issues . Unless they find a way to increase it . Then how you going to scan color data when simple LED light interfere with the gain of the software resulting in noises . The Blue light they are using is almost like a black light as things glowing in the dark .
This can be done adding additional white light projector or using combination but I am afraid it can delay the production . Unless they have done 2 different samples already as we see in the advertising .

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Eric , you can’t use LED light with MINI , I have it and I am shutting everything down , the gain settings getting crazy red with LED where it was not affecting anything with POP2 .

so additional white light source will be needed in synchronization with the blue light , so each second it takes color data the blue light will get off for the one frame .
It is also possible to control it via the software .

If they do it the proper way then we will get better device , and if you don’t want RGB you just select NO COLOR before scanning as you do now with POP2 .

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So basically, RHB can be turned off/on already…

I would like to make a suggestion. Please offer it with RGB and without. I don’t want or need color scans. I know others want or need it for their work. If it’s a software solution, please allow us to turn off textures. I’m sure Revopoint will do right by us.