How to body scan

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I’m very new to the 3D scanning world and just got my POP2. I tend to use the POP2 for full body scans but the results are terrible. Does anyone have tips and tricks for the best scanning results with the least amount of failures?

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I am using the “DIY Slider”, but the technique which has worked well for me is;
One long scan, no fusing…
Start with the POP2 angled down and scan the face and top of the head
proceed to scan the whole head. (Once the head is in the POP2, it maintains tracking better)
Move down 6" or so and scan with the POP2 directly facing the body.
Rinse and repeat


Same as @Miamijerry but in place of “DIY Slider” holding it in my hand , but the model standing on electric turntable since I am scanning using my PC and not phone for higher quality .

4 to 8 min scanning time all at once in one session , no fussing between , Body Mode - High Accuracy


@PUTV Thanks for the great example! Very nice result! What scanning rules of thumb do you use during scanning? Do you use large studio lights? Also do you create a neutral background? I have a lot of problems with natural light coming in thru the windows.

I read that turning up and or lowering gain really helps but i have no idea what it actually does.

Thanks in advance for al the help!

Thanks for the reply!

What materials did you use for the DIY slider?

All the details are in this Thread;

Hi , you don’t need any light since POP2 uses Infrared , so you can scan in complete darkness . I am not scanning textures when scanning full body , so you will need to have your model in a brighter ambient lighting conditions without any shadows. I don’t have also any background as that also is not needed as long the background is enough far away , it will not interfere

Stay away from the windows , and sun light .
I recommend you to read some materials in the forum before you jump into big scans, understanding how your need tool is working is important to your successful scanning .

Under Depth cam preview you have indicator , blue is too dark, red is too bright , set up the slider to a level where the object is as much as possible lighter shade of gray without too much blue and definitely avoid red .

The best method will be placing your model on turntable , and not scanning it using your phone if you want a good quality . Starting scanning from the head and moving down each 360 degrees after finishing each rotation . Keep the distance steady , once you are done by the feet , change the angle of your POP2 and move back upwards to capture details you missed with the first round .
And that is , not rocket science but request some patience and practice and a steady model that don’t moving while scanning as that can ruining everything .

Check the forums well, there is lots of info that will helps you on the path .

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