DIY Slider for Révopoint POP

In order to have better stability with the Révopoint POP scanner (especially on whole character scans) I decided to make this Slider.

It is controlled by a CNC Shield V4 and from the PC from Gcode (very easy to use) it can also be automatically operated from a switch.

I am waiting for my 2m bar (V-Slot) to be able to do a complete tutorial on electronics and use.

The V-Slot bar can be of any length.

The idea here is to show one more possibility to scan at best, if anyone is interested, I will put the parts to be printed for download on Thingiverse.

If you have any questions do not hesitate.


Hello friend,
I just approved your post.
Nice idea !

just a quick question, it’s very nice to share your work, it’s appreciable. but why always put your items on Thingiverse for free. It’s only Makerbot and the community that wins, but you as a creator have absolutely nothing against your quality work, on Thingiverse people don’t even bother to thank the creators, let alone post photos of their impressions and I’m not even talking about tip

Thank you,

I know that most of the time people never thank them (especially when it interests them!) but it does not matter I like to share for free what I find practical for me … Thingiverse because I do not know where to put download elsewhere … in any case I hope that some will appreciate and use this little mod, as soon as I receive my bar I would do a complete tutorial for programming and operation.


Hi @MoussArena ,

Welcome to join the forum. Thank you for sharing this slider to help other users.

Sincerely hope that you can post the complete tutorial on this forum too.

Best Regards

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I do the same with the very few things I make but I also share them on and - both sites, like thingiverse, allow free items also. There is a way to auto populate from thingiverse to those sites so you do not have to repost them also.

Thank you for this! I think I have everything but the v-slot piece to give it a try. Would love a link when you get it posted online!!

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Stunning! Can’t wait for the tutorial, and though I like “free” stuff - and have shared things I created for free - I also would be ok with paying a reasonable amount. I mean, a ready-made device (for video-cameras originally) was supposed here a week ago or two, and that one goes on Amazon for about 130€/US$150.
Do you think something like your device would be possible to feature a curved rail? Rather than putting things on a turntable, I’m thinking about moving the scanner around the object, for practical reasons maybe only a semicircle at one go.

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Ahah, what you want is one of these :

I was going to build one for photogrammetry but I bought a POP instead :grin:
Cus aint no one got no time to stitch 200+ photos together.


Right. Stupid of me: I know that thing, but had forgotten about it.
What I have in mind, though, is something mobile and adjustable in regard to radius. What I think about is, among other things, going outside and scan, let’s say, a statue in a park where I might not be able to step around it or it would be too shaky to hold the scanner while walking around the object at the same time. That might be accomplished, though, by having a device like the “DIY slider” and move it around step by step, doing linear vertical scans from different angles.

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I liked what I saw, but after I printed the vslot brackets, I decided to make a few changes. I uploaded it as a remix on thingiverse (LINK TO MODEL). All of the specific changes are listed at the link. Check it out and see what you think. Here is a picture of the new piece.

2021-11-10 15_50_41-Vslot Bracket by code3smith - Thingiverse

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I tried to download the model, but Thingiverse tells me it isn’t there (“404 you reached the end of Thingiverse”). The same for the complete model @MoussArena
Would the Arduino code also be included?
P.S: It is possible to download the parts one by one, only the “Download all files” gives an error.

it happens that thingiverse is down … try again tomorrow, if it still doesn’t work i will put the files on my server.

As for the arduino code, software, etc … I will very soon put a complete tutorial with the codes and the use. my v slot bar still hasn’t arrived …

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Hello MoussArena,
Thank you very much for sharing this project, very interesting for me.
I can’t find a 2000mm v-slot. Where did you find it?
I hope you can publish instructions for use and programming soon.
Thanks again

Hello All, everything is ready :slight_smile: I will do the tutorial this weekend on instructable.

For Osado: I buy my bars here (


They have it for about $15 USD. @MoussArena 's link did not work for me so I don’t know what website they are using.

Hi MoussArena,
Just a question about something that must be a mistake in your video. The 625zz bearing has a 5mm center hole, so they should use 5mm screws and not 6mm.
I do not try, without a doubt, to criticize their excellent work, but to help according to my possibilities.

Muchas gracias @KnightRid pero el precio del transporte de USA a España es demasiado alto.

Thankyou @KnightRid but the price of shipment to Spain is to expensive.

Hi @MoussArena Thank you for the v-slot link

Osado : Yes I was wrong they are M5 the big screws sorry.

I also had to change my CNC Shield V4 which had a default with an Arduino Uno + CNC Shield V3 I put everything online this weekend.

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Looks great. Nice end brackets lol :wink:

Did all of the other pieces work well for you? I was considering eliminating all of the small tensioner pieces and adding the tension mechanism directly on the bracket holding the pop. Thoughts?

I just upgraded my FW today finally, so I will get back to these projects :slight_smile:

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