Full body scan with POP 3D

I got a used POP 3D scanner few weeks ago, and I did many tests to understand how it works and how it could be used.
This Xmas I decided to give my girlfriend a different present… a small figure of… herself!
I had many difficulties to do a full body scan, but I managed to get this one, with a dedicated setup: I installed the scanner on a photo tripod. Then I put the subject on a rotating dish (like the smal one that I use for small objects). I took 3 different scans, one for the head, one for the body plus legs, one for legs and feet… then I merged everything together.

I am quite happy with the result…
What do you think?


wow. it is really good.
how do you do separate scans ?

which profile (body ?, feature?) and what settings you use for the scans ?
and from what distance and what light conditions you record ?

I tried several times but could not do a body scan.

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Thank you, glad you like it
As stated, I did 3 different scans (with some overlapping of course!). I used the body profile, trying to keep always the “excellent” distance
As I mentioned, I did it only when I changed approach: not to turn around the body, but creating a rotating dish with the body on it, and keeping the scanner still

I don’t have a rotating platform which could carry a human.
So what can I do ?
Is it possible to draw a circle on the feet and tell the subject turn around keeping in that circle ?
would that work ?

How about this?

JDYYICZ 12 Inch Heavy Duty Rotating Swivel Steel Turntable Ball Bearings Stand Lazy Susan for Indoor/Outdoor Use with Monitor/TV

ok. would that work ?
how will it turn ? who will make it turn ?

ok. would that work ?
how will it turn ? who will make it turn ?

I used this one, with a wooden floor on it:

This is able to rotate with 80kgs on it

Of course you have to rotate it by hand (I do it, because the scanner stands on a tripod so I have free hands)

I built one using a car wheel hub using a motor, chain, and sprockets. Motor was 24vdc, which I connected a speed controller to. It worked quite well. I’ve since gotten rid of it due to lack of use and need for space.

Wow, seems great!!
If I can see well, you have 4 scanners… so you do not need to move them… right?

That’s correct. With that setup, the person rotates. I was able to get a full 360 degree scan in about 45 seconds.


So, do you have four computers running, or four instances of Handyscan, or how do you make it work?
Actually, it’s just out of curiosity, I only own one POP. But with the POP2 coming soon, I might think of setups using both.

That system used a different sensor altogether and did connect to a single pc.

how did you merge 3 scans together?

I have that Lady Susan turntable and use it for 3D scanning. I just tried standing on it myself and it swiveled just fine. I’m 182lbs (82.5kg). It will be hard for a person to not move while you turn it though.

Here’s a better idea — with all the money you would spend on a POP2 and additional gear for large object turntable scanning, just go out and buy and iPhone / iPad 4th generation with TrueDepth camera, download the Heges app, and walk around your subject (regardless of size), with ease. No turntables, nearly the same quality, and hardly ever any problem with tracking. I can do a full body scan in a single capture in less than 2-3 minutes. I purchased the POP2 hoping for an improvement in quality / better easy of capture. It offers neither. What are you going to do if you (like me) have to capture a large sculpture, piece of furniture, or other fixture that has reflective surfaces? Put that on a turntable and cross your fingers? Hopefully, you see my point.

And yes, I purchased a POP2 and no, not a happy customer. That much goes without saying.

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I would be interested to seeing scans from both the Pop2 and Heges, of the same item?

Can you do that?

Totally agree, but I’d love to see comparison too.

I have a fourth generation ipad with Heges and can’t get any scans even close the the quality of the pop2. It’s ok for rough scans. I’ve posted a Pop2 scan of a crab shell in the showcase. Here is the Heges equivalent.

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I’ve found this rotating plate (30cm diameter, 100kg) on Amazon, 89€:

It should be perfect for full body scan and large objects.