Full body nude scans(no clothing complexity)

Has anyone actually had success doing full body scans with the pop2? I’m looking to get good meshes that I can design form fitting 3D printed fashion items too…

But 3D scanning seems to be difficult. I tried photogrammetry. It kind of worked. But the mesh was such a mess and the scale was way off.

I think the pop 3 might be the closest thing to a sub thousand dollar solution… but $800 for a frustrating device is going to be unfortunate as I could have spent that money on camera gear for more picture angles instead

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There is no POP3 and the upcoming MINI is not designed for Body Scans, it has a very small scanning window of 6x11 cm only .

I scanned well full body and the accuracy and scale was perfect with POP2

Body Mode High Accuracy



See now that would be perfect. Can you talk a bit about why people appear to be having trouble with this?

How long did your model need to stand still for the scan? If i have someone come in for the scan process i cannot have it being buggy and questionable success rate.

Also does pc connected vs mobile connection make a difference?

Welp… went ahead and bought it. Hopefully I have as good as results as you! Guess we will find out. fingers crossed

Minimum for 5 min while standing on turntable for better results , you need to scan 5 sections , each section 360 degree 300 frames , if you connect to PC you are able to scan the model at once but when using just mobile phone you need to fuse it too often that you will be not able to scan full body in one run , it will take too long and there is change you run in trouble.

Because people don’t know what they are doing , you need to develop some workflow , learn the curve and how proper use the scan , there is not easy way or cheating , 3D scanning services are expensive for a reason , but one thing is clear , you will be able to scan full body with POP2 and Body mode is easy , by the time you got it I may have some new tutorials so you can check out and learn one thing or too if you need .


You will if you practice , make sure you get yourself turntable than can support the weight of your models , I use one from Amazon for 220lb/100kg with a remote speed between 20-60 sec per rotation.

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Ok so you think it’s better to spin the model than to walk around them? I have a lazy suzan I built to spin my model for the photogrammetry … Marked 15* but had to manually spin… I could probably motorize it if a steady rotation does better than scanning each rotation point then moving on

Electric turntable costs from $45 to $80 , with the proper rotation speed , you don’t want to overlap the scan too much while scanning , there is also the possibility the model will move , I just recommend what I did myself , walking around did not work well for me .

If you are going to motorize the lazy Suzan make sure the rotation speed is not greater than 20 sec per 360 degree rotation and not slower than 30 sec per 360 degree rotation .
You put yourself in the EXCELLENT to Good distance recommended in Revo Scan in Body Mode , monitoring the frames you move down each 300 frames at 30 sec speed rotation trying slightly overlapping preview section but as much to keep the software the proper tracking , you should be done at once session from top to bottom with 4-5 sections at 300 frames each , then you fuse the points at pitch point 0.1mm and you should have good base material to work on the meshing , no matter inside Revo Studio or any other software .



Where can I find an electric turntable (which could carry a human) at that price ? (45$ to 80$)

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on Amazon , I posted the link many times in my thread

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on Amazon I see many options but none of them could carry over 50kg.
Which one do you use ?
If I knew “your” thread I could look up…

just click on my name you will see my featured thread

BTW it is out of stock already , sold out very quick , but they have lots of the same turntables just with different names

like this one , same thing different name and remote but same function and the base is the same

BTW they both are Height: 6 cm /2.4inch even if the promo pic looks different .


thank you. with those keywords I could find alternatives on Aliexpress.

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Thank you, PopUpTheVolume

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Thanks for the links, really helpful!

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Popupthevolume - I’m starting to work with it a bit more.

In your workflow. You do your 360 “slice” do you then stop the scan, fuse the points and then start a new on top of the current?

Or do you click the mesh button before your next rotation?

I’m having trouble finding the pitchpoint setting you talk about

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I am scanning full body only using my PC , I run from top the head to bottom and back in one session , I move each 360 degrees rotation down , another 360 degrees rotation down, another down , until I reach the feet then I change the angle and move back to top doing the same until everything is green .
I am not fusing between .
That is the quickest way and works best , the point cloud also will be less messy .

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Yes I’m working with PC. Don’t even want to get into app scanning if the PC has some trouble.

So you end up with 1500 plus frames by the end? Then fuse.

This was my attempt with that. I guess she has a cool booty shawl now :rofl:. The bottom slice didn’t match up correct.

Also when I set the distance to excellent for her front. It really complains when a shoulder swings through too close to the camera.


:laughing: very fashionable!

you need to pick up one distance and stay on the distance , once the head is done move away and keep it at a proper distance , there is no one formula for everybody as everyone is different , one have huge shoulders others booty , also keep the arms close up to the body with just small gap in A pose .

I see it was going not bad them the lower area jumped , should not, since there is lots of details , I guess you moved too low too quick . :wink:

I built some poles into my platform for her hands. It seems to have stabilized her movement a little bit during the long scan.

I did get some texture in the mesh. But I did not find the pitch point setting until after I fused via the dialog box. So not sure if that would have affected things.

The camera also ended up a bit far away from the model as I was scanning. Was beeping up a storm at me as I was doing rotations. I’ll have to think of a better way than the camera tripod as the legs get in the way and I can’t get the camera close enough.

I have not gotten into meshlab yet to play with that