How ti use GPU in the process

hi how can i use the nvidia gpu to speed up the mesh process etc.

They have to do it in the software to make it available.

Thanks for tour reply. Hopefully as soon as possible.

@Checco Revopoint thinking about it but not right now , why ? because there will be a very small group of users that can actually do that on their PCs, the software is still in baby stage , there is lots of stuff that need to be improved before that .

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I’m willing to make a donation to help make this happen. I’m sure if there is enough of us to make a donation that it will fast track a result. I’m not affiliated or paid by Revopoint. I’m more than willing to except a sponsorship though. :wink::rofl:


I don’t think that is the money problem here … it is the limitation of the simple software at this moment . So many things need to be addressed before that .
Maybe some day …

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That would be awesome if that happens!

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Imagining fusing and meshing on my workstation would be in seconds , however not so fast , the most powerful 3D graphic programs that handle enormous 3D model data do not use GPU for that process and are not for plan to do that. They prefer the multi threading process for a reason . Your GPU don’t have enough VRAM to process it .
How many users have 32GB VRAM available to process the scanning ? So at the end it will switch back to CPU anyway , for that reason there is not urge to make it happen , as first the graphic cards that could be used are very expensive and hard to get , on top of that you need super PC to support it …leaving the regular customers where they are now anyway.

If you going to spend all the money on the workstation to have optimal GPU processing you better go to Artec and buy yourself a professional 3d scanner for that price …and there will be still left some cash for build a PC :joy:

Not economic at all at this moment .

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I’m extremely lucky as I’m a beta tester for another 3D scanner.

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I was going to start with a Nvidia RTX A6000 with 48 GB of VRAM. I need it more for running Ansys for finite element analysis and generative design. I have a few programs that will use GPU to speed up the processing. I have 24 GB now, but I’m working on bigger parts that would be faster with more VRAM. Rhino 3D will use VRAM as well. I’m happy with my PC I have now for simple CAD and scanning. I’ll probably start batch processing some scan data on the new build as that will be faster.

You know that for each amount of VRAM you need reserve the same amount of RAM to be available while using it.
I would love to get the 48 GB VRAM GC but not really needed it at this moment so that would be for me big waste of founds .

The goal for Revopoint is to reach simple customers that can scan stuff using their phones / tablets without the needs of sophisticated workstations that costs 10 +times more , it will not make things better, just faster .

Now think about the 90’s when I had to do my work in 3D lol today’s phones are already faster :joy:

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:rofl: We are in so much better of a place now. Technology has come so far.

I agree a decent computer with a Revopoint scanner is all the majority of people need.

I don’t suggest anyone build a expensive workstation for Mini. I’ll be using my workstation for work. I would not buy it if I didn’t need it. It’s a necessity for work and a nice new toy. Please don’t tell my wife I referred to it as a toy.

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Agree… :joy: I love my new tech gadgets, always excited about , I was always a tech girl since the begining of time… My husband just asked me yesterday if I really need another tablet for POP2 and MINI :joy:

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:rofl: Please tell your husband I said you absolutely need a new tablet.

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He said … happy wife happy life :joy:

Good husband, good answer … :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Im happy to hear that and congratulations on the new tech toys. :rofl:

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Actually, at least for 3d rendering, many of then do use the GPU extensively, and the amount of video RAM is fairly irrelevant- see Vray, Corona, iray, etc etc etc… Also, several packages use the GPU to process converting their volumentric models to polygons… (specifically referring to 3dcoat)

Several, of these renderers also do NOT need to load the entire scene onto the video card in order to render it and instead stream the data to and from main memory. ‘load everything onto the gpu’ is pretty much the method of operating ten years ago…

Iray needs as much VRAM to render the scene and if there is not enough VRAM , it will switch to CPU rendering using only RAM for rendering . Same with Substance Painter , ensuring your project fits into the VRAM is essential for the graphics processor to operate at peak performance. Same with Blender and V-ray when using GPU for rendering .

and one more thing, Corona is CPU only renderer , it don’t use GPU for rendering .

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i meant Octane not Corona

substance painter has to ‘load the entire scene’ because you’re painting textures, so it would obviously need to load the textures into memory. Unless you’re actively baking textures, using GPU ray-tracing, you’re looking at a opengl viewport so of course it has to be loaded on to the GPU.

To make my point more valid: Adobe Premiere and DaVinci Resolve both don’t need to fit your video clips into memory, they stream the data onto and off of the gpu just fine.

Unbiased 3D rendering need to load full scene to render it out , even if rendered directly to the HD.
Octane render in real time so it also need to load full scene to render it out , I am working with this programs , there is no way of using GPU for 3D rendering without proper VRAM and double of RAM for each amount of VRAM .

Adobe premiere need minimal 16GB of RAM and 4 GB of VRAM to allow you to edit video files using GPU .
While GPU rendering is heavily dependent on your graphics card’s processing power and compute capabilities, ensuring your project fits into the VRAM is essential for the graphics processor to operate at peak performance.

Remember that when GPU run out of VRAM it can access RAM from the system in some programs (not 3D rendering), but it automatically slowing down the whole process as VRAM is much faster than RAM, so what the point of using GPU in first place .

So much of irrelevant usage of VRAM

Your point is invalid .
Textures ,model and frames would be stored to GPU VRAM while processing for that reason you need good amount of VRAM, other way there is no point of using GPU . Revo Scan is not rendering anything , it is a different process that requires heavy amount of RAM .

Revo Scan at this moment is bottlenecked, the whole process should be 3 times faster as it is .

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