Windows GPU Support in the Future?

While I haven had a fully successful scan yet, the equipment has major potential - I have used a number of scanners, and to date, the Revopoint has worked the best “out of the box” (again even though its not perfect).

Even on a brand new Razer 15 Advanced model, the CPU’s pin during scanning - 8 cores at 4.2GHz or so. I’m not sure how much this may impact the overall tracking issues / etc… but I was curious if Revopoint has considered supporting CUDA to offload a lot of the processing requirements to offer a smoother/faster scanning ability?


that would be GREAT to have an option to choose between using CPU or GPU for data processing on PC.


Or better yet, share a part of the workload with the GPU.


With a process like stitching Photogrammetry, the GPU can really speed up the processing and it should allow for faster tracking and less “Tracking issues” - Not all operations would be ideal for just the GPU, so I think it’s always a Hybrid GPU/CPU workload.

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From what I understand, programming in OpenCL will allow each user’s system to maximize their resources, so those who have more powerful GPUs will get the most advantage (at least, for a properly-written driver).



It would be great if they went with OpenCL, too many of the solutions for generating 3d models require CUDA and as such only work with nVidia hardware.

Yeah but theres a reason the all went to CUDA - it works great. I dont think it should be a requirement but I use Laptops with RTX3080’s (and previously, other NVVIDA based cards) for the CUDA - so an option to have it enabled would be ideal.

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