How do I use the "Merge" function in Revo Scan 5?

I don’t see any files in the list to pick. I tried to drag and drop files to the list, that doesn’t work. How do I get files in the list so I can pick some to merge together?

Did you fusion the point cloud?
You can only merge after fusion the point clouds

The problem is that into a project you need to import other scan. If you have made scan with phone you have one scan for project. so you must save the point cloud into one directory and after into another project import that scan… so you can import two-three-four scan into one project…

Hi, you need to fuse the parts first. It is also advisable to do some preparation on each part in advance (remove overlapping points, cleaning, even sometimes to remove unnecessary parts of the scan) to achieve better results

Here is a different explanation if someone can help. I have 2 STL files, I want to merge them. How do I do that?

start a new project import the two stl into the project and after go to the section of merge and do the work…

2 stl files? I would use Meshmixer for that

Sorry I means fuse two scan toghether or just 2 stl separately??? I haven’t understand…

I was able to start a new project, and get the 2 STL files in to the project. But when I click on “Merge”, the “Select Models to Merge” list is still empty.

I think I found the issue. I had 2 STL files, and I added 2 raw Scan files, and none showed up. I FUSED the 2 scan files, and they show up. So you can only merge fused scan files. NOT raw scan files, and not mesh files.

I wanted to be able to pick points to do an automatic alignment. Can you do that in MeshMixer?

If you are talking about fused scans, you can do it with CloudCompare. If you are talking about STL files, I think you can do it with SolidEdge Community Edition (which is free)

I’m new (just downloaded) to CloudCompare. Can you walk me through how to do it on that?

I figured it out. Thanks!

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Sorry for being a bit late, but glad that you found it. Just in case, there is a very informative thread from PUTV with all details here:

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Funny. That video is the reason I even downloaded CloudCompare!

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Well, there is a new kid on the block, Revoscan 5.0.7 (just released) now also allows manual alignment :grin:

This is Marker point aligment , manual aligment allows you to move 2 objects in space and align it manually , this function is yet not available , marker point aligment was available since RS5.0

In feature align mode you can align 9 scans at a time and using marker point 2 .
Marker point is similar to the CloudCompare but nit as much advanced registration but works fine .

@mcphill You scan 2 angles of your object , after that you fuse them I to point cloud , after that you clean the overlap point cloud and lose points , you also need to cut off fragments that are not needed , then under Align tab you select the 2 objects and place markers on both scans on the same features like @krofinski show in his preview , then you merge them after, you need minimal 3 points to match the features on each scans . You can also use Feature alignment if your scanned objects have lots of features .