Processing multiple phone scans on PC

I have to say I still find the new Revoscan pretty confusing. I’ve been told “don’t process your phone scans on the phone, send the files to the PC and do it there” . I scanned an object in a few passes and transferred them all to the pc app (5.2.0), then processed them. Now what? I can open the file and click Merge but I don’t know how to add a second model for merging.

The old version of the software had less features but it was way more user friendly.

There nothing changed Phil , you still need to process all your scans ( fusing and cleaning ) and import the fuse file to merge them all together , the same way as you did in old software . The workflow of merging is all the same as before .

You can import 9 fused scans and use feature mode for merging , or 2 for marker merging .

What I do when scanning using phone :

Import all projects
Fuse and clean each of them and export the point cloud as ply
Import all the point clouds to the software

There is an app created by @X3msnake that allows you to merge multiple projects from your phone into one so you can import them all at once to the software as one project .

Sorry I am on my phone don’t have the link under hand

In the old software I saved out PLY files with the file name I chose, in the page I chose. In the new software I can rename them in the mobile app but when I send it to pc that name gets lost and it just goes back to “Project(long strong of numbers)” and I have to go digging through folders in my User directory to guess which file is the one I want. At least I figured out that I can import the files.

The rename of the projects only shows up in the history list , it do not change the actual name in the directory , neither on a phone or PC .

Just import your project to the PC , fuse it and export ply with the name as you always did before .

Don’t change any names manually inside your project folder , or it will never works after , you can only change manually your project folder in your directory , then you need to load it to the PC software and save it so it show up in the history list .

In the future there will be an actual browser for better organization of all projects , right now it is just a history list , it is not a browser of the project’s folder .

Let me give my opinion on the project transfer tool from phone to PC. I consider it half done. via WiFi, you can turn on the export mode and confirm it with a cat (I have never recognized the QR code) I don’t understand why you can’t do at least the same thing when connected via USB.
Besides this, if everyone advises to transfer the project to a PC and edit it there, then why do a full compilation of the scan on a smartphone? It would be nice to have the choice to make a mesh or just a cloud

When you stop the scanning just click the HOME button to start new section without processing the full scan , it is not nesesery to process and results are as half as good compared to PC .

Why ? You can import all your projects to your PC using USB connected to your phone ? You don’t need Revopoint software for that .
Why making the software more clumpy with stuff you already can do without ?

Thank you. didn’t know it was possible. I’ll try

Yes, of course, I can find the request folder on my phone, but I’m talking about the convenience of 1-2 clicks. why waste time wandering through android folders. When the interface is friendly and clear, then there is no need to be distracted by minor problems.

and this is quite interesting. Why are phone scans better?
I tried to scan a person through a smartphone and from a PC. on PC there were more duplicate ear, eye, nose

Maybe because you walking around the object freely, I scan object using PC only on my turntables and I always get perfect results , I am scanning while connected to PC using long USB cables so can’t walk around much for that reason turntables .

No matter you use PC or Phone the project files will have equal results .

The difference is when you processing , phone can’t process at full quality because it is a phone and can’t handle that type of data , it would also take forever to process even if you had 16GB of RAM on your phone the processor is still too weak for this kind of processing .

This function was for people that are underway with their phones and tablets for quicker processing on demand , if the decide to make other ways to import the projects, maybe they will add that function to the software , but when I can’t tell you .
I will move your thread to suggestions .