Merging scans

I have several scans of parts of the same object. I am new to Range, so I saved each of them individually. Is there a way to merge them? As I understand Merge, it only works with scans in a single project. Is that true? If not, how can I import my existing scans into a single project?

Hi @WMR yes please download Revo Scan 5 to your computer , you can also import your projects from your mobile devices .

Open Revo Studio 5 with a new empty project and import all your scans you created for merge , it is easy way
The best for that would be only the fused point clouds .

After you clean the point clouds move to the Merge tab and select all scans you want to merge from the list under Merge TAB and click OK to merge

We are preparing more videos about this topic that will be available soon after the new software update to 5.1.0

Thank you SO MUCH! I was butting my head against the wall till your message.

One other question. Can one change the color and shininess of the model? I am scanning sculptures with fine details and the shininess makes them difficult to see. A matte surface would be desirable.

I know I am not a fan of the shader myself , no idea why users requested it but that is not my way of preview meshes either .
Hopefully there would be an option to change it in the future .