Handy Scan shows distance as "Too Near" (no IR data in preview either)

Followed instructions in supplied documentation and I’ve combed through the forums. I’ve set it up at varying distances, unplugged, re-plugged, installed, uninstalled/re-installed HandyCam, checked Camera Permissions and still get no results. Scan’s also continually say “Too Few Points” and “Failed Mesh” when attempting to scan. Support please contact me ASAP.

Try lowering the brightness in the room (or at least the amount of light falling on the scanned object) because, with the setting of ‘0’, it still looks as if the IR Camera is being overloaded.


Brightness had no effect on showing data in the IR preview window (RGB or IR). The root of my issues appear to be stemming from the sensor seeing an object “Too Near” to it, despite it being setup correctly and the lens glass “face” being perfectly clean.

The same problem seems to appear for several different users, see here: No scanning - Too near
Revopop suggests that the device is defect.

I have asked if there is a utility to run a check on the POP to verify functionality. Cassie said she would speak with the programmers, but I don’t know if we’re going to get anything.

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