No scan possible

hi, my mini arrived today and i try to do anything with it … but it wont work.
first of all the table cant be rotation at the moment, this is very sad because the software does not exist.
i tried to get a scan … but it always say “too near” if i move the scanner it says “too far” or blinking short with good or perfect but its absolute not possible to get it. any idea ? working with a mac.

if i open the software revo scan on preview it also dont turn on the blue light.
i checked the calibration software, if i connect the scanner the blue light turn on but the calibration wont work as it is not made for the mini.

tried now on windows also … the blue light turns on and works … but also totaly now preview as well here. if i try to scan … nothing to see … stop the process and merging or what ever he wanna do is also popup with a message “failed”.

The new software will be released on Sept 1st so you can use the turntable.

MINI have only 20cm workable distance between the scanner and the object , it was created for scanning small objects so you need to keep the distance correct , the closest is 10cm , the max distance is 20 cm .

The new calibration software will be released soon , there is not need to calibrate the scanner unless there are issues.

I think you need to learn a little bit how to scan .
Check my YT channel, I can’t help you much with MAC since I am a Windows Girl.

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Here are two MINI tutorial videos for your reference.

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