Scan quality poor?

I tried to scan a button, it is 5 cm in diameter and has engraved logo (3mm wide - 1 mm deep)

Since it has a Dark surface I used 3D spray

This is the scan result in ‘Near’ mode and highest quality, I used the turntable to scan.

Anyone with some experience on scanning this smaller object?

First of all why you used half of the can on it ? :joy: You should just slightly matte the surface , frosting …not avalanche
Don’t waste too much resource, not nesesery.

You need to put the button a slightly on an an angle , make sure your distance is not more than 16 cm from the center of the object , scan only one 369 degrees.
After that use Advanced mode fusing at 0.2 , after fusing clean ( lose points, Overlapped points ) after that mesh it at the Grid level what is 0.20 ( that maybe around 4-5 meshing level )

And you should get perfect result like that below …



Don’t laugh I’m a newbie :wink:
Thanks for the tips I will give it a go!

I am not really laughing from you, just joking … you have completely right to do things wrong , there is not shame in it …

Everyone was there once before , so take your time and if anything ask !

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When I come closer than 30 cm I get in the ‘Too Near’ zone, when I get in the ‘Excellent’ green zone (>30cm) and start recording the scanning object jumps around and somtimes turns red?

At a certain point the camera hanges and I had to restart?

Because you are using a Far mode , Far mode starts from 30cm , the best accuracy of Far Mode.

If it turns red it means you lost tracking , you do not recording anything , you need to pay attention in the Depth Cam view that you don’t get out of the FOV while scanning , go slowly and don’t jump suddenly from one spot to another , your scanned object need features for tracking … if there is less features use a Standard mode or use the High speed mode if your object is big like 2 meters …

If you lose tracking just go back to the area that you scanned already and it will pick up and you can continue scanning .

Also make sure you calibrated the IMU under setting option , it will help you out scanning while you walking with it around .

very interesting remarks on meshing. I fused a Miraco scan at standard 0.05, pc was fine, but meshing at level 7 produced a very grainy surface. Maybe mesh at 5 or 6?

You probably used Standard fusing … use Advanced fusing , it produces beautiful results .
My coin was fused at 0.2 in Advanced mode and meshed at 4.3 and the results are perfect , if I fused it at standard 0.05 and meshed at 7 I would get a disk full of sand and no details .

You see pointcloud cage is the most important base for you scan … too high meshing can actually induce artificial noises and erase the details .

Don’t worry if you fuse the scan at 0.2 in Advanced mode you will not lose accuracy … this actually have nothing to do with accuracy … so less is more

Try it and you will see the benefit .

If you scanned a cube that really have only 8 points , why you would need to mesh it at milion points ? If it really needs just 8 to be 100% accurate …

Remember resolution is not accuracy , object that is fused at 0.05 or 0.2 still have the same accuracy … and if you really need the noises then fuse at 0.08 using Advanced mode , this will allow the algorithms to remove all the trash data what usually is around 2 millions of points that are really not usable for anything , just clones … a perfect scan is between 250K to 1.600K depends of size and features .

Don’t pull the settings to the max … as maximum settings don’t means maximum accuracy … each scanned object needs different approach , a scanned coffee mug can be 20K and be perfect accurate with the original … all depends of the objects features .

On top the preview shader is not helping to evaluate the whole structure , so pay attention to your fusing settings , and do not go too high if the objects don’t have as much features on the surface … less is more .

Using MINI, there IS a quality difference between standard an advanced fusing. Small, but detectable. So Miraco needs another approach…

Well Daniel , you want to find your own workflow , be my guest then , I will not waste my breath …

Happy Holidays ! :christmas_tree: