Revopoint POP II Color Facial Self Scan With Texturing

Finally took the time today to set up a little self-scan area at my desk. This is my first decent scan result with that setup, consisting of a 3D printed adapter for the POP to ride in a ‘selfie’ articulated arm cellphone mount with an adjustable light placed above the POP II. I plan to add some better lighting to make my color scans POP!


wow… the color texture is so good…

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I expect it to get better as I gain experience with the lighting for the color mode. I may need to get some instrumentation to help with that. But thanks for the complement.
This particular scan was the result of many unsatisfactory captures until way early the next morning. I practice scanning every chance I get as I refine my setup, techniques and methods. My problem with mobile scanning is that my limbs are unstable, so I end up making too sudden a movement and the scan is ruined.

Hello, nice textures :slight_smile:
Do you think an LED style light would be a plus when scanning?

Absolutely for color scans. Not necessary for non-textured scans. I have several that I use with adjustable intensity and color temperature.