Feedback about the turn table


After some extensive test of the scanner, on multiple computers,
I found an issue that people with low end computers will experience:

  • The turntable … turns too fast!

Indeed, on my fast computer, no problem, but on old or low-end PCs, Handy Scan very often loses track of the object because the computer cannot manage quickly enough.

I took the table apart to see if there was a potentiometer, but there is none,
By cons I saw that there is a micro usb socket in it, is it possible to rl


Sounds very interesting, seems logical that the speed can be changed, ideally on the unit itself (by any means), this is something I was eager to look into (as I was initially planning to make my own turntable (3D printed and hooked on an Arduino and/or potentiometer for photogrametry/object display)

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In the just released new manual it says ’ ADJUSTABLE SPEEDS: 1.7 RPM - 4 RPM, not sure how that is supposed to be done (didn’t get it yet), but I think the Revopoint Team could react on that

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interesting. if the manual says adjustable speed it should be adjustable…

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I don’t know if they give me a random turntable for the beta test or if everyone will have this, but absolutely no trace of any speed settings on this model.

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Hmmm. Might well be so that you got a ‘beta’ turntable :thinking: you’ll probably have to hack it :face_with_raised_eyebrow: as it seems a ‘fixed’ 2.4 RPM one

Cant you just put a knot on the power cable to make it go slower? ;D

Is there a possibility to change the gear ratio?


That turntable uses a stepper motor, so it can turn at any speed. No need for gearing.

The question is what code is sitting in that STC microcontroller?

And what the micro does with those two unused connector pins, J2 and J3…without seeing the back of the board makes it difficult, but I suspect there may be an up/down speed option switch pair that plugs in there.

J4 is used to communicate with the micro, but who knows what the commands would be?

What’s grim is the product tag specifies one speed, not a range, and it looks like Revopoint is not messing with it whatsoever. There’s no Bluetooth or other means to communicate with that micro in what’s there, except J4.

There’s hope for putting switches on J2 and J3, though. I suspect, up, down for speed, and reverse may be there.


Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation would be great to have to be honest.

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Where I can download the last version of user manual?

It’s all there → Download | Revopoint 3D Technologies Inc.
There are different manuals as well as software


Interesting indeed, might be worth, if too closed, to replace the micro controller with another board, like Arduino or so to make the whole thing more flexible and customizable, the base is in there, just needs some components and… time :smile:

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Thanks to much!

The thing that gets me is it costs an extra $1 with the two switches to have speed up/down capability and Revopoint had the order size to demand it.

Maybe it’ll be in the non-beta turntables? If not, a replacement board is easy to do.

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mine looks exactly the same and it turns too fast and software looses tracking all the time while scanning on it all the time :confused:! @Revopoint what about the speed dial like in the manual? Please let us know how to slow it down.|230x500

I’m wondering if those are buttons to either side of the power switch?

( here ) o ( here )

Absolutely no, just sticker

Didn’t think so. I guess it’s too much to ask for someone to get a pic of the backside of that circuit board.

Mine hasn’t arrived yet, or I’d work up a solution pretty quickly.

If it’s in the manual, it sounds like Revopoint may have had the wrong units shipped to them. they’ve been unusually silent here on this topic, though.

That switch doesn’t switch the power off from the looks of it. Try holding it down…

Hi @Zoltan3D Thanks for your feedback. The speed of turntable can’t be changed now. I will report your suggestion to product team, and we will discuss to see if we can improve it in future.