A Scanning Showcase for Comparing Settings

In this showcase, I am excited to introduce to you my RevoPoint Mini. For this project, I’ve chosen a special object: a Mercedes-Benz SEC 560. To enhance the details, I airbrushed the car, originally in complete black, with white paint. I used a white, water-soluble paint that can be easily washed off.

The main focus of this showcase is to demonstrate how to determine the optimal turntable speed for such scans and ambient light. For this purpose, I used the Dual-Axis turntable with 400 degree rotation, testing speeds of 35s/r, 80s/r, and 130s/r.

I am open to your ideas and suggestions – if you think of any further tests or experiments I could conduct with the scanner and the car (I’ll keep the setup as is), please let me know. Your input is highly valued!

Additionally, I have attached the project files so that you can view the results yourselves and try out different post-processing techniques. I look forward to your feedback and your results!

All Renders where done with one click editing.

Download Projectfiles (different Turntable speeds): revopoint_mini_sec.zip - Google Drive

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Some Results as Screenshots, seems like:

  • faster turntable is better than slower (overlapping)
  • ambient light off get more details than warm light (look at interior seat).

And by the way, RevoScan 5 doing his Post Processing job very well with the overlapping

Cold White Ambient Light:

Warm Ambient Light:

No Ambient Light (Dark):

Mixed Warm/Blue 35s/r (fast turntable):

Mixed Warm/Blue 80s/r (slow turntable):

Mixed Warm/Blue 130s/r (very slow turntable):


Of course we tested it out before , MINI just need to have turntable rotation at 30s/r or higher , never slower than 30s/r

That is different for infrared scanners like POP series or Ranger … it like to take it slow and easy …

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