Larger Turn table

Hi i just ordered my pop2 and excited to have a play but fro everything i read about the turnable its too small and only 1 speed.

i was wanting to know if i purchased this off alibaba (60cm Load Max 150KG Turntable Motorized Photography Rotating Display Stand 360 Degree Electric Rotating Turntable with Remote) that allows me to control the speed and also put larger items on the turnable would it be compatable with your system and software ?

There is no intelligence in the Revopoint turntable so any turntable will work.
I use something similar with my Pop.


Same here … I am using also very big turntable with POP2 .

Just make sure the turntable motors are steady and do not shaking while rotating … reading reviews would help to find it out .

i m using the large one for resturant, i got it from taobao, but it good for either turning the object, or orbit around the object for my Mini, it also allow me change from auto spin mode to manual, but its not controlled by revoscan. also i missed the stablizer for mini, and now i m trying the mounting for my dji osmo6

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