Cant back the Range on Kickstarter

keep trying and it just says someone is backing it try later.

but there are spaces left. now its just spinning on the select button.

I’m having the same issue guess just keep refreshing and try again?

Are Revopoint able to contact KS and find out what’s happening?

I managed to back the next tier down. Just keep trying when it says try again later

Hi @Cypher @scott443187 ,

Thank you for being so supportive on the RANGE.

Too many users buy it at the same time. This may be caused by the internet issue. Please refresh it and try it again.

Now the Early Bird pkg is still available to pledge.

Thank you so much for your attention and participation.

Best Regards

early bird pledge still available … just checked ! will not last long


I didn’t get a chance at the Super Early Bird, but managed to get an Early Bird. I’m happy. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats :tada: @nlnpereira that was a good catch , I saw them vanishing so quickly today.


I kept refreshing the page and even when it appeared kept getting can’t back as someone is already backing it.

Hi @Cypher ,

I’m so sorry for the bad experience. Is the problem fixed now? Hope you pledged it successfully.

Best Regards

I am a backer of both POP2 and Mini. The backing of Range wasn’t successful this time round. The reason why I will only back for the Super Early Bird is the custom tax. The price for the Early Bird will push the custom tax even higher. The shipping is also expected to be even higher now. Probably one less backer does not make a huge difference to RevoPoint3D. If RevoPoint3D does not come up with an offer of the Super Early Bird price then is ok I will give it a miss.

Most of the forum users here backed super or early bird pledges successfully yesterday .
You realize that Revopoint don’t make any profit from that pledges ? It was more of a campaign budged limit so don’t expect they will give everything for free as that would not make sense for the whole campaign, not to mention Range is worth 3 time that price .
I guess if your country has a high income tax , maybe better to wait until it is released in your country and not waste on the tax , my friend is from Brazil and they have huge income tax as well so almost double price at the end .

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I am not new to Kickstarter and Indiegogo and had backed hundreds of stuff. I am not the only one who faced the technical issue when we tried to pledge.

For your info, RevoPoint3D can still add more Super Early Bird for those who faced technical issues.

I don’t doubt about that , Kickstarter can’t handle that kind of campaigns the smooth way , I backed lots of things as well, there is always the same issue , too many people at once , there was over 3K of people subscribed to the campaign so the traffic was very high.

The campaign budget for the Super Early Bird already reached its limits and the pledges are sold out. It would be unfair for everyone else that paid already more for the same reason .
After all you are the backer and supporter of this project to make it successful , it is not Online Store and the budget is needed to produce the product .

Sorry to heard that you had technical difficulties, but for that not Revopoint but Kickstarter is responsible in this case , blaming it on Revopoint is unfair.

you know how it works
First come - First serve

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It is always the same, the more popular the campaign is the more backers rush and kickstarter collapses. It sucks but it is KICKSTARTER and its infrastructure to blame, NOT REVOPOINT.

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Yes it is the KS system which cannot handle the transaction load. Hope RevoPoint3D can offer Super Early Bird for those who are able to prove they were affected by the KS bug.

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So you do understand that KS is screwing up, but want Revopoint to pay for it? That’s kinda odd.

Genuine question;
Due to the immensive succes of Revopoint. Why would they use KS? They can create more then enough buzz (and cashflow) without them.
Tbh the goals on KS where (with respect) no reasonable goals at all. So what’s the advantage for revopoint using KS?