[Winners Announced] All RANGE KS Backers, Leave Your Backer Number for the Chance to Win a Prize!

Dear All,

Update on Mar 26:

The winners are selected by lucky draw on the livestream. Here is the link: Lucky Draw Live Stream - YouTube

Congrats to all the winners!

First Prize:

Second Prize:

Third Prizes

Please kindly send an email to forum@revopoint3d.com to claim your prize before Mar 31, 10:00am, Beijing time, otherwise, your prize will be invalided. Thank you.

We will draw the winners on the Livestream of March 25, 8:15pm, ET (Mar 26, 8:15am, Beijing time).

Thanks for supporting the RANGE campaign.

It’s been a real journey these last few years, and some of you have been with us for every step along the way through the good times and software bugs. But whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or recently joined us, we’d like to show you all some love for your support.

We’re holding a lucky draw giveaway for all Revopoint RANGE backers!

How to WIN:

Post your Kickstarter backer number for the previously backed Revopoint projects (must include the RANGE) in the comment area.

Notes: For RANGE, you must provide a KS backer number; For previous products like MINI & POP 2, all order numbers from Revopoint official platforms are acceptable.


3 * First Prizes:

“Lifetime Honorary Backer” Badge on the forum.

“Super Early Bird Price” for all future Kickstarter projects by Revopoint.

10 * Second Prizes:

15% discount on all Revopoint 3D scanners in our General Online Store.

20 * Third Prizes:

2,000 3D Scanning Markers per winner.


  • The first prize winners will be chosen from the users who backed POP 2, MINI, and RANGE.

  • The second prize winners will be chosen from the users who backed POP 2 or MINI and RANGE.

  • The third prize winners will be chosen from the users who have only backed: RANGE.

Contest Period:

Now - March 20th, 9:30am, Beijing time.

How will the winners be selected?

The winners will be selected at random in a Livestream on March 25, 8:15pm, ET. (We will share the link soon)


  • Each user ID can win only once in this contest.
  • The backer’s personal information must match the info used in the KS campaign.
  • The second prize’s 15% discount can only be used in our Shop (shop.revopoint3d.com).
  • Prizes will be shipped according to our schedule.
  • The winners are responsible for cooperating with customs clearance (if required).
  • Revopoint reserve the right to make changes to this contest without prior notice.
  • All decisions are final and binding in matters related to the Lucky Draw.

Find Your Backer Number :

Backers will be able to locate their backer number in their pledge confirmation email (the subject line will be: “You just backed [project name]”). Folks with a Kickstarter account can also find their backer number by going to their Backed projects page and clicking on the blue “+” button for the corresponding project, or check directly in your Kickstarter mobile APP .


Hey thanks for the help finding my backer number
I backed the range
backer #3014

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Hi! What about pop1? You write first about backers of all kickstarter projects which would include Pop 1, right?
Should we post name of backed project and backer number for all backed projects in one post, or one post per backer number?

Hi Ivan,

Yes, you can post the POP backer number too. When we choose the winners, the backer number of POP is not a must. (So that more backers can have a chance to win the prize)

Best Regards

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2112ec12f4e9c6538c043043f2ceaa4f <<< wrong number please edit

Hope this is the right no.
1145 for the Range

1165 for the Mini

5670 for POP 2

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Dear All,

You can find your backer number by viewing the pledge and seeing the Backer number on the last row in Browser or at the top of the App.

Below is a reply sample for your reference.

Backed projects: RANGE
Backer number: XXXX


Pop2 - 3625
Mini - 150
Range - 183

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Backed projects: RANGE
Backer number: 972 (always been my lucky number :wink:)

Can’t wait to start scanning with the range. :biting_lip:

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My Kickstarter backer numbers:

Pop. 5394
Pop2. 128
Mini. 30
Range. 1812


Backed projects: RANGE
Backer number: 720

Purchased with retail price
Revopoint Mini
Amazon ORDER # 114-0790536-3433852



Backed projects: POP2
Backer number: 3575

Backed projects: MINI
Backer number: 423

Backed projects: RANGE
Backer number: 127

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Backed: Range
Backer #: 340

Backed: POP
Backer #: 6566

Mini: 5203
Range: 441

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Scanner : Mini
Backernmb: 3933

Scanner : Range
Backernmb: 701

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Scanner: POP1
Backer Nr.: 974
Backer Nr.: 2772

Scanner: POP2
Backer Nr.: 83
Backer Nr.: 94
Backer Nr.: 981

Scanner: MINI
Backer Nr.: 10
Backer Nr.: 179
Backer Nr.: 332

Scanner: RANGE
Backer Nr.: 70
Backer Nr.: 81
Backer Nr.: 175


:astonished: you are a true KS-legend :gem:

Only 11 numbers on backing the pop2 and the range. You must click faster then lighting.

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Seems a bit discriminatory to exclude people because they haven’t backed all previous kickstarter campaigns. I didn’t even know about Revopoint until the Mini. I’ve backed the Mini and the Range but clearly I’m not as valued as those who also backed the Pop2. I’m not in the exclusive club so won’t be entering.

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Read what the competition entry says at the top. You can enter as long as you have backed the Range. It doesn’t matter whether you have backed any of the other scanners.

Sure I know I can enter, but the first prize is limited to an exclusive group. I don’t like aspect.

I just wanted to give this feedback to Revopoint, are those of us who ‘only’ back two devices lesser in their eyes?

My Kickstarter backer numbers:

Pop. 2399
Pop2. 59
Mini. 1244
Range. 1941