Complain to Kickstarter

Does anyone know if a complain can be filed with Kickstarter? Clearly this device doesn’t work and i have sent revopoint videos of it not working and they tell me they cannot offer a refund cause the project is closed. How am I supposed to know their product does not work before receiving it so i can have it returned before the fact?

Revopoint has been very diligent about customer support (with the exception of their frequent multi-day holidays, such as the one going on in China as I type this), so I am confident they will be willing to work with you, including replacing a defective unit, if that turns out to be the case

But refunds from Kickstarter are a no-go because Kickstarter doesn’t hold the funds (your credit card is charged when the campaign is a success and the money goes directly to the project team).

  1. How does your scanner fail to work?
  2. Which operating system are you using?
  3. Does the top of the scanner get hot (not just comfortably warm)?