1500 Backers have pledged the RANGE in less than 2 hours!

Thank you for your support.

We plan to release a contest open to ALL Kickstarter backers of RANGE in this forum soon, as thank you for your support.

Stay tuned with us!

Best Regards


Will there be any bonus items or deals for those who supported the last 3 Kickstarter scanners?

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That was a fierce battle as soon as the Range went live.

I ducked out of a meeting to secure mine and missed out on the super early bird pledge, that was within the first 15mins of it dropping!!

Well done guys, surely that is testiment to the quality of your products and loyalty of your fan base

Here’s to the future


I want to congratuale revopoint on the massive succes you’ve reached today. Awesome, and a great compliment from the insane amount of adapters that are using revopoint.

For me: I jumped out of a meeting, finding that I’ve left my creditcard at home. So I texted my girlfriend, she could find the card in time. Missed the super early, but still got the early.

I’m a happy camper :grin:

P.s. Thanks Cassie and Potv (and all the others) for the generous advice


Thanks guys for the well wishes and sharing of your experiences and support.

It was indeed a crazy house and again Revopoint break the KS servers with the amount of supporters trying to pledge .

Not surprised by that at all , for that price you can’t get anything else on the market today that will produce this kind of results, Range is the golden egg here , you will see once you get it in your hands , a true game changer .

Of course Revopoint don’t made profits offering super early or early birds pledges in their campaign, so it understanding that there was limited offers . But still even at the regular price it is all worth spending .

I would easily pay double the standard price for Range knowing what it can do , no question asked . It is very good and so easy to use without the need of heavy knowledge, it still blow me away each time I use it … the future is here indeed

Thanks @Elkoenjo , @Lostboy for the support, you not going to be disappointed .
And congratulations to the team for this great campaign in progress !