Revopoint RANGE kickstarter postponed

Since kickstarter start for RANGE has been postponed till February 2023 - which is at the same time regrettable but also welcome to deliver another mature product - I wonder if now also preliminary reports of the beta testers will be suspended for the time being. That would be a pitty.


Unfortunately yes Ivan , maybe late December-early January
and as you said the reason also for deliver more mature product and perfect supporting software to go with.
And BTW they are beta users not beta testers .

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Thx! Looking forward to, either way. :slightly_smiling_face: Beta users, of course, sorry, my bad! :no_mouth:It was still early in the morning​:sleeping:

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Trust me Iwan it is a torture to not allow to show anybody the results yet. Image after all is worth 1000 words.

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ah, come on Revopoint, let beta users keep the anticipation high and allow them to show great results. You even may decide upon which scans they may publish. PLEASE! :laughing:

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Hi @ivan ,

Thank you for your understanding regarding the postponement of the RANGE Kickstarter.

At this period, since we’re keep improving our software, we suspend the beta users’ public showcases. But from our beta users ’ feedback, even with the current hardware and software, Range’s scan result is excellent. I believe that it will be the most competitive product in the same price range.

So please stay tuned with us. The showcases will be coming soon.

Best Regards