Pop 2 not connecting to Windows 10 PC

I’m having connection issues with my Pop 2. I’ve tried both the type A and type C connectors on my Windows 10 PC on multiple USB 3 ports. The cameras show up in the device manager for bot the Depth and RGB camera under the cameras heading when the device is connected. The light on the POP 2 never changes from blue to green and the software doesn’t see the device.

All the apps have appropriate permissions, and the apps are also allowed through the firewall in Windows Defender.

When I try to connect using my phone to Wi-Fi, I can select the camera, but it shows “503 Service Unavailable - Please wait for a moment by tank”

@The3DProfessor I guess that would be a case for @Revopoint3D-Cassie , since you tried already everything and if you don’t get the green light ON then there is some internal issue with the device.

One more thing you can try,
Did you tried with the mobile connector and plug the USB-A to a power bank or AC 5V adapter ( without plugin in the other USB-C cable that came with the mobile split connector, just to see if the Green light turns ON , if not then you got yourself sadly a serious case, but if you see green light ON then you can connect the other UBS-C to PC and it should works .

there is nothing else I can help you here with .

P.S Cassie start working in 8 and half hours , it is 3:22am where she is now.

@Revopoint3D-Cassie I sent an email to support, how long does is usually take for a response? I’d like to figure out if my Pop2 is DOA, or if there’s something I can do to get it working on my end.

@The3DProfessor they do not working on the weekends , but Cassie will be back after 9PM EST so she will address your issues personally and make decision .

in my last reply to you I forgot it was already Saturday for them , as they are 12h ahead .

Hi @The3DProfessor ,

If you confirm “The light on the POP 2 never changes from blue to green”, then I think it is a defective product. (Did you send a video with this problem to our customer@revopoint3d.com?)

May I know which email address you used to send the email to our customer service team? I ask them to reply your email asap.

Best Regards