Calibration Issues & Tips

For those that going to calibrate MINI , you don’t need to put the scanning board on the angle , just angle the MINI focusing on the small dots as guide for the horizontal line until it appears green .
Use some light on the side , not calibrate in dark light conditions, I used the Revopoint LED on this side .

I calibrated using this software 3 devices, the results was 0.0235 what is the highest I ever got with fantastic scanning results and sharpness even on my Mini Beta device .

But before you start back up your original calibration settings , do at least 3 tests before you process , the lowest will be your best score . If the score is not above 0.1000 just leave it the way it is .
The software will tells you if you need to calibrate or not .

Issues like lose tracking usually have nothing much to do with bad calibration .

Calibration issues are :
1.Textures do not align correctly with the model, you see dark patches
2. Your markers do not appear red while using marker mode
3. Your scanned model don’t have even surface , a lot of lines appear on the surface

That are the major reasons you want to re calibrate .
Losing tracking is the last reason you want recalibration, you will have the other issues above with it if you really do as they are all connected.

Keep the original calibration backup in a safe place just in case things don’t works well after recalibration like for example moving the board in place of the scanner to pass the difficult steps , you don’t want to do that . Always move the scanner never the board .

If you have the original POP2 board , you can place the MINI board on top the angle when the process ask for , but it is not really needed , you can put your MINI at the angle and finish the process as well.

The scanner will take series of pictures while calibrating and based on it adjusting the alignment in the firmware , it will not move the sensors but align the data they produce . For that reason it is important to take your time in this process with a little of steady hand and patience is required :wink:


Very detailed and helpful info. Thank you so much, PUTV!


you wrote 0.00235 (is it correct 0.0235?)

This is the maximum I can get with calibration:
0.0847 (original)

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You got a very good score , the results wary from device to device , one of my devices is around 0.0200 the other around 0.0400 another 0.0600 , and all are very good calibration scores .

I usually recalibrate it every 2 months if the test score changes as I use it a lot , so once it get close to 0.0800 I recalibrate it again . The worse ever I got was 0.2800 and it was affecting my color textures alignment, still the mesh was ok , it was after it was delivered , probably from throwing the package the shipping .


uhh… I was afraid when you wrote 0.00235 (with two 0)

I am sorry for the typo , I edited it
I wish I could get that score :joy: …virtually not possible , I never saw anybody reaching below 0.0200 yet

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hehe… thx for save my day :slight_smile:

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I do not understand the angle yet, If I have the angle on the board. Do I have to keep the scanner at 90 degrees to the table or can I tilt the scanner?

My angle is also different than on the video, only to plug on and in the middle, so the board tilts more often. Is there a better version that can be reprinted?

The angle is too big , lower it
You actually not need any angle , just angle the scanner , it will works too .

For horizontal level keep the small dots in horizontal position , and please add some light to it , you about to shot pictures and not scanning with blue light , you need some additional light for the RGB camera

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I had put the black part wrong, so the angle was wrong.Thanks for the tip about the light, I didn’t know that. is it better to use a warm or cold light?

Warm is better with MINI

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I just got my MINI and had odd results so I am trying to calibrate it.

The calibration tool gets through step 2 - sometimes into step 3 - and then just crashes and quits.


Okay - I have no idea what I did differently? But I got through all 25 scans and it reduced my whatever-it-was setting from 0.09something to 0.04something.

Y’all need another try/catch in there someplace though.

0.0400 was perfect score better than 0.0900 , how higher how worse .

Lower is better …

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Who are you anyway?

The first several times I tried calibrating- the program would just QUIT. No warnings, no messages.

After many attempts, I got it to work, and my score went from 0.09x to 0.04x.

I am happy it EVENTUALLY was successful, and the score lowered.

I would PREFER that it not QUIT RANDOMLY.


Revo Calibration software keeps crashing / program stops after either pushing the Camera calibration or Accuracy Testing buttom :frowning: on my windows 11 machine.
Is this due to Windows 11? or an other know issue?

How did you stop it from quiting?

I didn’t do anything specific. I think I just got lucky.


FWIW I’m on Windows 10, not 11.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. I will update you here once I got the solution.

So is this used for the Mini or not?
I’ve read some conflicting info about that. Just wanna make sure before I calibrate mine