Mini 2 Accuracy Check

I recently purchased MINI 2 scanner from Amazon. I got the calibration board with it. How can I check the accuracy of the scanner?

Hi and congratulation to your purchase.

You can find the answer here:

I made a screenshot for you:

Under Calibration you can test the accuracy first.


Hi @Rabin

You can follow the information that Ivan posted above .

To test out if your MINI 2 needs really calibration is easy , just use the marker mode and use markers on the turntable , if all markers turn red while rotating and you don’t get any errors on the real time screen , the calibration is still just fine .

You should not calibrate your device unless you have specific issues with it

Marker mode don’t works correctly is the first indicator .

Lose tracking while scanning is not related to calibration issues but to not enough features , MINI 2 have a very small FOV that needs lots of features to keep tracking , remember this …

The Calibration feature in Revo Scan 5 computer version will tell you if you need calibration or not .

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I did an actual accuracy check on the mini2 and this was my method and my results:
I used a 25-50-75 block (same as 1-2-3 block in the US, but this one is metric). These metal blocks are used in cnc mills to clamp and position workpieces.They are ground flat and square to exact nominal edge lengths of 25mm, 50mm and 75mm.

This one I got sandblasted to get a matte grey finish for scanning, without using scanning spray, so theres no additional thickness gain by it.

Scanned the object on turntable in marker mode from two opposite sides, one lap around the object in each scan.
The two halves were aligned and meshed in geomagic afterwards.
Plane features were created right on thescan data.

I’mcurious of others results!

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Update on mini 2 accuracy:
Using the latest 5.4.7 version of revoscan 5, I scanned the block again, using the same methods as before, with the new fusion algorythm, accuracy increased a great deal:


Accuracy will wary regarding the object size , the angle , distance , fusing and meshing parameters used and if course the surface preparation as it can induce or not some level of noises .

I actually scanned my ring , printed it , 1:1 copy in mm .

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