Big things... RANGE SCANNER Unboxing


Excellent Sam,

Love the quality here … beautifully scanned !



That looks great! I kinda regretting not getting the one with the turntable now

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I my opinion the turntable is priceless for this items. It’s heavy duty as well. But don’t find out how easy plastic scratches with metal parts… :frowning: …. I’m still upset lol.

Kinda wish I’d ordered the turntable too now. Oh well, I guess Revopoint will be selling it as an addon later.


Some sort of large rubber matting needed then…

Yes. I used shop towels… did not work. I had a large racing chair with brackets and the brackets scratched deep… :frowning:

The turntable remote is nice. This was completely my fault.


Neon SRT-4 Modified headlight. Customer modification for Rock Guard/Velocity Stack modeling.

Range Scanner
Revoscan 4.3.1
Fusion: 0.1
Mesh : 7
Denoise: 0
Hole Fill: Yes



Great results again Sam !
Thanks for sharing !

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How long did the whole work flow take? All one scan?

Can you show something like a front bumper?

Yes it’s amazing!

All good and great. But WAIT… Nobody is gonna talk about that fricking nice t-shirt?! Really? :astonished: It’s absolutely legend, send us the review… How. Does. It. Smell.

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LOL… It smells like it was shipped in box from China. Sadly its too small of me :(.

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Tight shirts on big man, is so 2023…

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Yes i will, as a beta user I was requested to only post complete scans. I define this as a watertight mesh, as you know usable data for Reverse Engineering does not require a watertight model rather than a target surface scan. I am confident it will completely scan bumper installed on a vehicle I have scanned most of my Shelby bumper and Hood for replacement Hood Extractors. But removing the bumpers to complete the mesh well I don’t have the bandwidth to do that just yet.

The one overlook that most don’t understand the data size of these files. The Headlight ply was nearly 4gb and the Manifold nearly 6gb. The processing times are also system taxing. And Unless there is a clear need from me to have 4-8gb complete file of my front bumper that is just wasted storage and bandwidth for my other customer projects.


Normal size of 1GB or more is normal , but when over scanning areas multiple times ending in around 4000 frames will create not nesesery file size , you can count around 1,GB per 1000 frame cells , you can for example scan a full body with 1200 frames and the results will be the same at the end as with 4000 frames .
Range record double amount of frames than POP2 , for that reason you can move faster limiting the amount of frames if possible . You will be ok with 1200 frames and object the size of 2 m .

On top you have General mode with single frame alignments or Body mode with multiple frame alignments, choose the one according to the size of you can object and try to not over scan the same areas too much , but I know when you have a very complex object it is almost impossible . But a car bumper seriously don’t need 4000 frames , it should be fine at maximum 1200 .

Big scans , big details huge file size … at my work only head size are usually around 50 millions of polygons , huge files not many software can handle it either. That’s the price of fusing and meshing big models with higher accuracy/precision .

I will have to disagree… yes your points makes since but to get into crevices to completely scan all details of a large bumper front to back Watertight not happening on one rotation/pass. That intake manifold was over 4000 frames and still required “Over scanning” like you say but the limitations of RS required it as will as using selective hole fill. If you are referring to just the front bumper “Face” than yeah okay. But that isn’t a watertight mesh. and yes that maybe doable in 1200 frames even less. I am sure you are more experienced no doubt to that. but you also state having 2500+ frames on a 6ft person in a rotating turntable, I would think a person would actually be easier to scan than large repeating flat surfaces with deep crevices hard angles and mix of materials of mixed density, gloss, and blacks.

Again I am just stating my rough file sizes of the items i am working with… I will be frank i get permission to post none Complete scan data or clarification on what is considered “Complete”. I will happy to post numerous samples that individuals have tried requesting from me via Facebook. I was told dash scans are not considered complete but this has been a continually requested. In that light I would assume a face surface scan of a bumper to also be incomplete. So I do believe a scan of both the interior bumper mounting brackets and exterior grills and fog light recesses will be more than 1200 frames.

But I am on going off what I am seeing with my workflow. If I am having to align 4 -5 point clouds (1000ish frames each) just to be able to “Fill” all areas missed from prior scans well the data still is 4gb+… Not sure why this is downplayed as large files are a fact of scanning life

In our workflow I don’t need video game renders we need to make accurate parts. Hence the questions about accuracy from others. This is excellent tool and I can see this used and a lot of hobbyist shops in the near future.



Good info. I want to use it to scan off road vehicle to develop products. So I am not needing extreme accuracy. Using it more as a reference during the design phase.

Hoping this will cut down initial design time. And get products designed quicker:

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Yes, this will help extremely. My business has benefited greatly from Revoscans and as long as you understand this isnt a replacement for the Mini or the Pop2, its amazing. I have been able to use tab mounts for that Headlight scan for a customer Velocity stack plate. I work with alot of drag racers locally and I cant rely on measurements over email or phone. We go ther do quick scans and send renders asap. That time frame is critical from you getting the job or they outsourcing it… Or worst Racers will rig like noone watching lol.



Sam, your workflow is your workflow , you need 4000 frames? , you do that , as long you accomplish what you doing is what matters .
I have completely nothing against … just shared my 5 cent and I did refer indeed here to front bumper “Face” and nothing else . Good you pointed it out .