RANGE scanner car scan

The New Range scanner is an excellent tool for capturing large objects like cars in feature mode or marker mode

I’ve scanned my car in both modes in this example, marker mode for the car body and feature mode for under the bonnet / front end,

Front end added in software as I scanned it separately

Headlights and grill are a bit shiny or transparent so would need scanning spray to get the best results


Amazing results! This is the scan that I was waiting for… and did you do a scan without the markers? Is it bad?

Marker mode is better for the bigger flat area of the roof, bonnet and doors etc (no real features ) but yes I have scanned the full car with the feature mode ( little more challenging ), also remember that version 5 of the software is not out yet so I used version 4.3.0 to do this scan which has already been updated to v 4.3.1 so improvements in the software will no doubt improve the user experience by the time V5 is finished which is the recommended software for the Range scanner


Nice! So it will be improved in the near future, is it possible to share the scan without markers? I am very curious to see how it worked and compare it with the marker mode. Thanks a lot in advance.

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I will be doing more scanning with the latest version later today so I should be able to post that one when completed
I have scans already but with old version so better to use the latest version I think


A bit offtopic, about the MK1
Looks superb in orange.
What engine is that?

A M A Z I N G! Can’t imagine how many more markers and time it would take to scan that with Pop2.
Also VERY curious about revo scan v5.

@Revopoint-Cassie, @PUTV
Is it possible to share some details on v5? What will be the improvements. When is expected release date? Maybe even make a new thread about it? :no_mouth:

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Sorry Ivan , we can’t share more at this moment without permission from the boss , so you have to wait just a little longer but not too long, I will tell you only one thing …new era is coming , forget everything you know, empty your cup and be ready …
:grin: It’s going to be awesome .


Off topic a little but would have been easier to fit the engine if I had the Range scanner back when I did the engine conversion, Supercharged Cosworth V6 24 valve, 370Bhp

That is a word! Looking forward to the reveal! As always, thanks for being upfront and sharing what you are allowed to at any given time🙏

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I probably went over the top with the markers in some places, I used about 1000 markers on the whole car, the field of view is big so marker spacing is quite far apart, I think 5 - 8 cm is recommended but I probably have them up to 8 - 12cm in places, tracking was good,
you can see the markers on the front end picture the best it’s a little difficult to see them on the rest of the body because of the orange colour :grin:

Excellent showcase Johnathan!
Keep up the good work my friend !

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Thank you! I will do my best :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi, Was this car scanned connected to a pc or a phone? I would love to see if there is any difference in quality depending on whats used.

Also general question can it scan in no light scenario like nighttime? Thankyou.

I scanned it using an acer switch 5 tablet PC with 8GB RAM , you will need a phone with a lot of RAM to scan big items,

Low light is perfect for scanning if you don’t need colour, the scanner projects an IR pattern that the depth camera uses to capture the depth information


I would not recommend a phone to use with Range if you going for a accuracy and quality , the point cloud generated with a 2 m size objects is around 4.5 GB when using laptop-PC , it would be not possible for a phone to produce mesh quality at that level even if your phone have 8GB RAM , mobile apps qualities are always reduced and propably you get around 5% of actual quality . Another thing is frame speed , if your phone can’t handle the frame speed you will get in troubles with tracking , so get yourself PC tablet if you wish to get the best of it.

As Johnathan stated this is Infrared Scanner so like a night vision you can scan at night or complete darkness.


Have you eventually tested by how much (% or MByte) you can bring that 4.5GB down by decimating (and eventually remeshing) in Zbrush without noticeable quality loss?

4.5GB was size of the point cloud , the mesh was 14 millions polygons , you can decimate it still to 250K and preserve most of the details , it all depends of what kind of model it is and how much details , hard edge models like cars and models with flatter surfaces can be decimated to even lower values .
I am talking about objects around 2m in suze .

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Thank you Johnathan and Popupthevolume for that information, I guess time to invest in a laptop since car scanning will be my main focus, i see 16gb ram and core i7 is recommended, is there a ln even more optimal option, like 32gb ram and core i9 or is that overkill?

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