Better balance for freehand scanning

I have been trying test scans with my Range. The results have been very encouraging so far. I’m scanning my Marcos Mantula’s body shell and I’ll post the results soon. I’m using an Android phone mounted in the supplied phone holder. It was giving good scans, but I felt that the balance wasn’t quite right. Here’s what I now do to give better more balanced control over the Range while scanning.
I mount the Range onto the Power Bank using the adapter from the tripod, then attache the phone holder to the other end of the power bank. You then have similar weights above and below your hand which is much more comfortable. Here’s a poor quality photo of the setup. Give it a try. The only slight problem is that the scans are upside down in RevoScan.


Could be a nice update for Revo 5, a flip button or 0-90-180-270 flip button for the position of the scanner.


Definitely, because the mount makes a lot more sense that way

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As I mentioned in the other thread , get yourself a ball head and problem solved for all positions .


Thanks for the clarification. That should work perfectly.

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