Ringlight mount for the Revopoint Handheld Stabilizer (POP 2 and MINI Series)

In order to be able to scan on the go with good lighting conditions, I am currently developing a movable holder for a ring light. As a ring light, I ordered a simple one with an adjustable light and a diameter of 29 cm. Also it is powered by USB so a Powerbank will be enough.
If you want to make your own you can download it on printables.com for free.
The only additional things needed are two tripod screws, a ball-bearing and of course a printer.
This is a work in progress so I will update the files from time to time.
I welcome ideas and suggestions for improvement.
The first one I had directly after the first scan - you need to use warmer light Tones because the scanner will loose track with cold/blue light.


Scanned with the Ring Light attached to the Revopoint Mini (in colour Mode) and no additional light except the dim autumn light.
For this I used an old silicone Bust as a model.
As soon as I have time again I am going to test it further on human models.
More 3D Scanning stuff and Results could be found at my Instagram @Konstis_3dprints


I printed it but there is some room for improvement, not much time at this moment , but will let you know later more in details .

A - this part should be solid , it is very fragile
B- the button area is covered , I like to switch the mood between so definitely need to adjust it

overall the prototype is great … but I will edit it slightly for my needs to make it more durable


I made a second version where the button shouldn’t be covered (Ringlight mount1.2.stl) and I also update the G-Code.
Also I will slice some new files with a higher infill to improve the stability of the part.


Maybe wrong question, but how light influence scanning result for pop2 as i scan without texture ?
I need just geometry and i understand scanner when scanning in nontexture mode use different mode and lightning does not matter or i am wrong ?

I originally made the holder for my Revopoint Mini Scanner to scan heads in detail. I also wanted to be independent of a studio setup with fixed lights.
But since it is attached to the handheld stabilizer, it theoretically works with any scanner that supports the Handheld Stabilizer.
So if you need to scan something and there isn’t a good light source this might help.

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Some level of light is needed for better tracking when using marker mode , but not nesesery for scanning objects without color/textures .
You need proper lighting to avoid shadows in your textures , but it do not influence the scanning results of the object.


Hello! Where can i buy hand held stabilizer?

In Revopint Online store, but currently it is out of stock.

Which 3D printer do use? Can I use Creality Ender 5 Pro 3D Printer
Source: 6 Best 3D Printers for Cosplay: In-Detail Reviews (Winter 2023)?

any link or brand/model of the ring light ?

I used a Prusa MK3S+ but if you know how to slice you can use every printer.

I used a 12.6 inch ring light with tripod. You can get it here https://amzn.eu/d/1qsBMdc