Handheld Stabiliser first experience

I just received the handheld stabiliser and think it would be good to share my first experience.
From first sight it looks sturdy and well build. Out of the box I’ve attached the Mini onto it and made a first scan (Mini-wifi mode). It keeps track quite nice, better than scanning out of hand with the tripod. With the tripod I would lose track regularly mostly at sudden jerky movements, that’s quite less common with this stabiliser. Scanning with the tripod also brought some positions where I could not continue scanning because of the angle of the scanner or position of my wrist wouldn’t allow it anymore.
I found that with the HS in a difficult position it is easy to use the thumb joystick to move the scanner and keep it pointed at the object. Much easier scanning this way and less loss of track.

I’m looking forward at what features will be added in some time at the software side.

Here are some pictures to see the different features.


Thanks for the early tutorial.

I’m looking forward to receiving mine (should be tomorrow, according to FedEx).

Got Mine today. The joystick is flimsy and very unresponsive (has like a 1.5 second delay to execute the order given). Otherwise fine. does what is needed on the tin. Bluetooth connection doesn’t work though. (can’t control remotely or do anything after connecting it to the apps which is a bit of a letdown).

The hardware is great as always, but the software is what lets these products down. Hopefully the great modders around here can solve this as well.

The Revoscan desk top will have a provision for that, is already provided just not active it seems(greyed out) and after that the phone apps will likely get too. The DTT support on desk top is active to some degree in the newest version, have not explored as yet. So many toys so little time!

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Does anyone have an idea when the developer will activate the handheld stabilizer support within Revo Scan?

No idea, there’s no planning shared. With th Dual axis turn table it took a few weeks before there was updated software that could connect with it. Windows first and a week later the Mac version. We just have to have some patience to have all the full options.

Thanks for the heads up … guess I will have to be patient :slight_smile:

It will need a new firmware update to be used with Revo Scan . It can’t be connected to Revo Scan software without the scanner first .
Also new Revo Scan update is on the way .

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Yes, a new firmware. Also probably the mobile versions also need to be updated too, as it looks like it works as one package with a mobile phone.

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In another post a link is shared to the stabiliser manual, this is new to me.
I’ve looked at the packaging and mail, but no mentioning this. It would have been helpfull to include a small paper with the link to this in the box…

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Charging is not covered at all in the manual. The small USB-C jack, right? There is no indication when I connect a power supply, does it charge anyway?

The first white light beside the blue one is blinking when connected to usb-c


The packages was sealed by the manufacturer, they are not sent from the office and was sent before the manual was ready and posted.
Not excuses here, it should be printed and included with the product in first place .

It is in Specification
Charging port : USB C
Charging time : 4.5h

There are no other charging USB ports than USB C due to regulations for all devices in EU .
No exceptions.

If you connect proper the USBC to the port you should have led indicator blinking , when it is charged the led stop blinking and all 4 LEDs are on .
Charging Power source 5V/2Am .

The way that @Martijn showed up in his gif animation above .

I realized now that I need to switch the stabilizer on to get this indication. Works OK now.
Thank you for the details reg. charge time.

Greets, Andreas

The left most LED is used for Bluetooth status only. Only the three right hand LEDs indicate power level.

With stabilizer off and charge cord connected you will get blinking power LEDs until fully charged and then all three power LEDS will stay on solid.

I had originally thought all four LEDs were for power level (like most devices), but they only use three here.

The bluetooth LED only turns on when the stabilizer is on. It blinks while trying to pair and stays solid once fully paired.

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Yeah that information should be on the manual as that can confuse users, usually you don’t need to switch on any devices to see charge indicator .
I saw other comments about .

Good you sorted it out Andreas !

It got me confused too , you may thinking you still have one bar of power then …it is out of juice …sorry it was the Bluetooth

Thanks !

Thanks for the link to the manual @Martijn

I’m looking at the PDF and it says it’s compatible with MINI, but it doesn’t mention POP2. Yet in the box the stabilizer is carrying POP2.

Anyone knows if it works with both?

Look to good to not having it in my arsenal of gadgets. :star_struck:. So i just ordered one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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