My Handheld Setup

I have seen some other peoples set up including a very nice 3D printed holder which was very compact and held a small power bank. This holder however is not compact LOL! and it cost £29.99 GBP on Amazon. The power bank goes in my pocket. Holding it with 2 hands gives me a little more control of my aiming, yet can also be used with one hand when needed. Also i can set it down safely.

I’m using a Samsung S21 Ultra connected with a Y USB-B splitter cable. It might give some other ideas for your own hand held solutions.



Nice setup :blush:

Can you also share results please?

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Not done much with it so far, super busy with the day job and family. Did however get this tiny piece done only 26mm long. Done on a Foldio turntable.

Hmm, seeing the scan I almost moderated XD in fact it’s a bullet or a projectile right?

On the other hand 26mm it is below the minimum of 50 * 50 recommended by Revopoint, it proves that it is feasible but with difficulty

Yes it’s the successor to the musket ball. Came into use in the mid 19th century. I will persevere, I think I can get better with more markers and more rotation/angles. Texture resolution isn’t going to cut it here, just too small but worth exploring the fringe of its capabilities. Nothing like a challenging first scan lol!