Android project folder

Does anyone know where the Android app stores the project files? Which folder? Copying the scans through the shaer feature is really annoying :confused:

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Have you found the folder already? I’m also looking for it

Edit: Just found the info in another post: /Android/data/com.revopoint3d.revoscan/files/RevoScan/data/

Yep, that’s it.
There is one problem - the only files you’ll find there are the final ply files.
The mobile app deletes all scanned data as soon as you close the scanning session - so for now no fusing on PC for mobile scans :confused:

Oh for real? I wanted to try that right now…
Do you have any information how to best work with data scanned via android?
Or would you suggest using a windows laptop (also more ram probably to avoid the “Out of Memory” error)?

I think the “out of memory” error is in the scanner itself - on both smartphone (12GB RAM) and PC (192GB RAM) i get that error at around 1300-1500 frames.

I plan on scanning with the mobile and leaving the project, no fusing no meshing.
Scan as much as I can.
Then copy the entire projects folder to PC and fuse and mesh there - maybe using the batch function.
It is possible, I checked it, copying the project folders, while the smartphone was on the Fuse/Mesh/Texture screen.
The project opened on my PC and I could work with it.
For now, like I said, the mobile app deletes all the scanning data as soon as you leave the Fuse/Mesh/Texture screen - I asked about it and they should add an option to disable that behavior.
There is also a second problem - for some reason you can reopen in RevoScan a project scanned in High Accuracy mode, but you can’t if the project was scanned with Fast Accuracy mode - they have to fix that.
So yeah, you can test it with a Windows laptop or your smartphone (copying files while the project is open), scanning with High Accuracy - it works and gives us a taste of what the workflow could be - it’s pretty cool.
Now we just have to wait for bug fixes in the software :wink:

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Okay, thanks for the tips!

Yeah, it’s unfortunate that the mobile app is so buggy…

Yeah this is a point of frustration for me with the mobile workflow. One of the big selling points the revopoint line has, at least for me is its portability, being able to use my phone instead of being tethered to a desktop or laptop computer. But the mobile app leaves a lot to be desired and simply getting scan data off the phone can be quite irritating.
I wish project files could be stored outside the apps system folder, somewhere accessible to android’s file browser. Having to “share” my scan in order to offload my scans are a pain. For my setup i have to share to my google drive which will only work if I’m connected to a wifi network and refuses to upload eventhough my 5G connection is more than capable at transferring the data. Having access to the project files outside of the app at least gives me more options on how to transfer the data.
Also if you don’t fuse the scan data before leaving the app, why does the app still keep those projects around? You can’t go back and fuse the data after the acquisition stage and you can’t share the project because there is no model. I agree with previous posts that i would like to scan then fuse at a later time. Especially with the mini, i am finding the best practice is to take a lot of overlapping scans, align them in a 3rd party ap like meshlab and using zbrush to combine the best scanned detail in one mesh. Having to wait for the fusing process on my phone before i can start the next scan is annoying. I’d prefer it if i could take a series of scans, dump all the data to a pc and do all the fusing and meshing there where i can leverage more processing power.

Many of us already requested to have that option back , so we waiting patiently for that day where I don’t have to fuse my project on the phone , and collect just the scanning data for later when I am back on my workstation .

The hardware is too good to be wasted with a mobile app like that and lose quality fusing or meshing on a lowest quality and literally waste time .

Hopefully we will see the new updates soon enough …