Android project folder

Does anyone know where the Android app stores the project files? Which folder? Copying the scans through the shaer feature is really annoying :confused:

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Have you found the folder already? I’m also looking for it

Edit: Just found the info in another post: /Android/data/com.revopoint3d.revoscan/files/RevoScan/data/

Yep, that’s it.
There is one problem - the only files you’ll find there are the final ply files.
The mobile app deletes all scanned data as soon as you close the scanning session - so for now no fusing on PC for mobile scans :confused:

Oh for real? I wanted to try that right now…
Do you have any information how to best work with data scanned via android?
Or would you suggest using a windows laptop (also more ram probably to avoid the “Out of Memory” error)?

I think the “out of memory” error is in the scanner itself - on both smartphone (12GB RAM) and PC (192GB RAM) i get that error at around 1300-1500 frames.

I plan on scanning with the mobile and leaving the project, no fusing no meshing.
Scan as much as I can.
Then copy the entire projects folder to PC and fuse and mesh there - maybe using the batch function.
It is possible, I checked it, copying the project folders, while the smartphone was on the Fuse/Mesh/Texture screen.
The project opened on my PC and I could work with it.
For now, like I said, the mobile app deletes all the scanning data as soon as you leave the Fuse/Mesh/Texture screen - I asked about it and they should add an option to disable that behavior.
There is also a second problem - for some reason you can reopen in RevoScan a project scanned in High Accuracy mode, but you can’t if the project was scanned with Fast Accuracy mode - they have to fix that.
So yeah, you can test it with a Windows laptop or your smartphone (copying files while the project is open), scanning with High Accuracy - it works and gives us a taste of what the workflow could be - it’s pretty cool.
Now we just have to wait for bug fixes in the software :wink:

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Okay, thanks for the tips!

Yeah, it’s unfortunate that the mobile app is so buggy…