What are the software/ hardware specs for using the app

Both my android tablet and phone are shown as not compatible, by the Play store.

Is there another version that can be installed?

Thank tou

Hi @Bman

For android, it doesn’t need high spec, the software need to be Android 6.0 and above, and the memory of device should be ≥4G.

Could you please share us a screenshot for our reference?

Btw, please try if you can download the software from this link: HandyScan2.5.9_20210721_release.apk - Google Drive

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This link worked but it failed after the install attempt. It just said not installed.

Is the 4g ram or storage?

Thank you

Pretty sure is RAM, I have a motorola Z3 play and works pretty good, but it start to slow down after a bit of use, so the more RAM the better. :wink:

A user on the Facebook page is using a Samsung phone with 2 GB of RAM. Other than filling the buffer at ~200 frames instead of the 411 frames I get with my 4 GB phone, his operations are similar to mine.

RAM. It is best to reboot your phone just before you use it to scan to maximize free memory.

We discussed this problem internally last time. Some users can use phones with 2G RAM, but some may not. The phone whose memory is over 4G can be used. So when we finally decide to claim it as ≥4G.

Could you please send me a video to check the problem? Including what happened when you download it from the Play store. You can send it to support@revopoint3d.com, and CC forum@revopoint3d.com.

I’m not so sure what’s wrong.