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The vertex color of the fruit looks like done with polarized filter, great :+1:t2:

Very nice details too on both scans !

Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised by the details on the orange and lemon skin. Too bad the textured version wasn’t very good… I really hope we soon get manual white balance.
I was wondering, by the way: how does the white balance work at the moment? Is it adjusted for each frame? Or at the beginning of each pass/scan? (if so, maybe pointing the scanner at a grey card, then moving over to the subject would be a temporary workaround).
It also seems that vertex colors keep the same white balance during a scan: I assume the color generation process is different.

Anyway, coming soon: more scans on this thread!

If the object color is dominant it will change once the object dominate in the scene , the only white balance is steady when you use only the LED of INSPIRE and no additional light . With POP3 it works great for small scans , but also not enough for big scans … I really cant wait for that feature … it limiting me so much at this moment as scanning outdoors in color is challenging if there are multiple colors .

The last time the manual white balance was working with MINI release after that no more.

the only white balance is steady when you use only the LED of INSPIRE and no additional light
I guess the overall advice at the moment would be “for now, only use the included LED, no additional lighting, unless you want vertex colors and not the textures”.

Yes , but the little LED is not powerful enough to produce brilliant color , on small scans yes , some brighter diffused ambient lighting together with the LED would be more appropriate. Look on my showcase , the first color scans was just with one LED , very sad and muddy colors, then figured out the settings and the rest have brilliant color , RGB and Textures.

I have attached my additional LEDs to INSPIRE so it produces the same lighting at every angle .

This confirms my experience.
Top: additional LED, vibrant colors but white balance issues
Bottom: white balance is more consistent, but colors are less vibrant.

(the subject is a dinosaur figurine that will be featured in my videoshowcase, coming up very soon! The mesh itself is more detailed than the ankilosaurus I scanned earlier, I’m really pleased with the level of detail that I achieved)

And here is my Revopoint INSPIRE 3D Scanner showcase!

I included 3D scans that I haven’t shared on this thread yet, such as:

  • a triceratops figurine,
  • a French baguette,
  • Samsung buds,
  • a glass scanned using scanning spray (yes, you can scan transparent objects!),
  • Iron Man,

Kickstarter Campaign: https://revo.ink/3qffYwg

The video is in French, but English subtitles are available.

And here is a photo of the Triceratops (on the thumbnail, that’s the scan, not a photo!)


You should post something in the French section :wink:

Up to watch your video now … :+1:t2:

Excellent video review Benoit !
My favorite so far ! You do it again, bravo ! :clap: :clap: :clap:

P.S Happy first Anniversary as a member of our community … :tada::partying_face:

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Thanks a lot!
I guess I have no choice but to scan a birthday cake…

I edited some earlier posts to add a few photos of the objects I scanned.

Someone asked for a Meta Quest 2 Controller scan on the Facebook page, so here it is!

Unfortunately I’m out of scanning spray, so I used dry shampoo instead, so the coating isn’t as thin as it could be.

I noticed afterwards that there was a tiny clump of dry shampoo (red circle).


And here’s why I added a red circle above: the artifact below isn’t a scanning error!

If you want to scan your own controllers :point_right: Kickstarter Campaign: https://revo.ink/3qffYwg

And my video showcase:

Let’s have fun at the Musée du Louvre in Paris, France.

3D scanned using Revopoint INSPIRE 3D Scanner, white LED turned of to avoid disturbing other people in the museum, Android Phone (Galaxy S10). Standard mode used, but high-speed might have been more appropriate, since there are a few tracking issues on some scans.

A statue on a chimney.



A small Egyptian statue (probably a depiction of Nefertiti). It was behind glass, so I couldn’t really scan it at a perfect distance. It still turned up pretty good.



A sculpted hand I scanned a while back using photogrammetry, but it didn’t give me good results since the stone is mostly white.



I also scanned the upper part of this sarcophagus:

I’m running into an issue, however: the point cloud isn’t perfect but I still got a lot of detail:

But even when creating the mesh in max quality, lots of details are lost. Is it because the scan is very large? (Revo Scan tells me that at max quality, the Grid Size is about 1,9mm, which is still very high).
Does anyone has any workaround/tip to share? (of course, I could create a high resolution mesh using a third party tool, but if it can be done using Revo Scan, I’d love to learn how)

A carved wooden panel on a door:
There is an alignment error in the bottom right hand corner, using high speed mode might have solved this. Nice detail overall, especially considering the surface is dark and a bit reflective.

And my last scan of the day, another Egyptian statuette. This one was behing glass and too far to be in the excellent or good scanning range. It still turned out ok!
(sorry, I was out of time and didn’t take any photo of the two last scans)


Get your Revopoint INSPIRE 3D Scanner on Kickstarter.
And watch my video showcase:


Beautiful scans Benoit …

Yes … if the scans are too big it will reduce the meshing quality other way 64GB of RAM would be not enough .
Usually you keep big scans like that as cloud point .
Try Cloud Compare to mesh it at level 12-13 , then decimate it in Revo Scan to lower the mesh size but still keeping the details .

Thanks for the tips, @PUTV ! I did end up using Cloud Compare.



Good job Benoit !
I see the point cloud still offers much higher details than the meshing delivered , but for internet share it is not bad …

Did you tried to fuse the scan on your PC using advanced mode at 0.2mm ? You may eliminate this way all the junk data and get better smaller results with sharper details in place of using Standard mode that keeps all the trash data and noises , resulting in clean detailed point cloud .

This was done at 0.2mm in advanced mode, but I smoothed the model a bit(settings : 1 time, strength: 0.2), and decimated it.
Here is the high res 3D scan (6.6 m polygons) vs the scan I uploaded on Sketchfab (3.3 millions).

Here is the model without any postprocess:

Here is another comparison. I think the vertical lignes may be reconstruction artifacts, not real surface detail, which is why I tried to smooth the model a little bit.
I could update the Sketchfab model, though, with a decimated scan, without any smoothing. It’s always tough to decide how far you should push denoising and smoothing vs keeping every bit of data available.

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I like the original version without the smoothing , the noises could be easy removed in Zbrush using smoothing picks brush , or select a smoothing mask based on the smooth surface to select only the noises .

You could also try to decimate the scan in Revo Scan to a level where it lose its notices .

Vertical lines are caused by the scanning angles , so a test is required at first to determine the proper angle , usually 45 degrees angle to the object surface should eliminate it .

Anyway I like the results even with the little noises … that was probably a micro noises reflecting from the surface of the scanned material . Marble , sandstone and granite cause micro noise reflections by scattering the infrared pattern .

Definitely, but I always try to avoid too much manual post-processing & fine tuning: I feel this gives a better idea of what can be achieved out of the box, especially since INSPIRE is also aimed at newcomers who never used ZBrush.

Since you like the noisy surface… Scan updated! No smoothing this time. :slight_smile:

This scanning session was a lot of fun, I’ll have to scan in a museum again in the near future!

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