3DVF.com - INSPIRE 3D Scanner showcase

Excellent, looks more authentic, love it ! Thanks for sharing !

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All French art lovers will meet in the museums in Paris. it’s gonna be fun.
I have already seen some very beautiful scans made at Musée national des Arts asiatiques, musée Guimet by Emmanuel Garnier
Leave me the Père-Lachaise cemetery, please :laughing:

here is a rather quick scan of the psvr2 controller I did with POP2 a while ago . Not perfect still good enough as It was then used in some other projects by other for making gunstocks.

I did try to scan PSVR2 Headset,too, but run out of scanning spray and didn’t finish it yet.


Sorry, I already scanned a few things over there for my RANGE review! :wink:
(I plan to go back there soon, since there were software improvements since then)

Emmanuel did an amazing job at the Musée Guimet !

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Very nice @ivan you should create a showcase … I did not know you use Zbrush

Sympa les garçons, vous m’avez laissé la Tour Eiffel ? j’y vais de ce pas avec mon pop 2 et mon escabeau… :joy:

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:joy: Phil , you can still scan the copy of Statue of Liberty … my is little too big , only managed the face :laughing:

Good idea…
When you start the flame, don’t forget your can of AESUB Blue Scanning Spray. :joy:

:joy: that why I did not even tried …the original flame is glass … :cry:

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Thx! :blush: I might make a showcase at some time, unfortunately quite busy at the moment. Oh yes, I use Zbrush for quite a long time, but rather limited use like for remeshing, decimating, or for retouching of 3d scans and sometimes for modelling of organic parts of an object after reverse engineering the rest when and where accuraccy isn´t super important :slightly_smiling_face:

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