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“Export function with Alzheimer”
This is one bug that had been fixed at some point in time and popped up again in the last versions.
It is very annoying

“Scan Spectrum”
Would also be great if the Spectrum moved from the far right to the left, just after the capture camera images since most of the time those are more important than the scan points specially when using Range for full body scan since it keeps zooming too close instead of showing the full model plus the new capture pointcloud in green

I would be great if we finally get an option to turn the RGB off under Merge Tab if you have to scan with color .
And also manual alignment as we have in Revo Studio
Marker Point


Hi @shadows44,
Thank you for your suggestion. Our R&D team has put both suggestions on their to-do list and they are working on them.

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Hello @X3msnake ,

Are you currently using version 5.2.4? Upon further investigation, we have confirmed that there is indeed no option to remember save paths in the software at this time. However, this feature will be added in a new version. We understand the importance of this feature to our users and are working hard to implement it.

Regarding Scan Spectrum, we realize that everyone’s preferences may be different. To accommodate this, we are considering making it a manually selectable feature. We have already started planning for this improvement.

Thank you for raising these issues. We value your feedback and will continue to improve our software based on user needs. If you have any other suggestions or questions, please feel free to let us know.


Hi Catharina,
Thanks for the suggestion, I confirmed both requirements with the R&D team and they have added them to a future version of the software and are in the process of implementing them, looking forward to seeing them soon! :muscle:

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Revo Scan 5.2.2 for Android
System: Galaxy S10
Scanner: INSPIRE

After a scanning session using Revopoint INSPIRE 3D Scanner & and Android photo in an indoor setting (the Musée du Louvre in Paris, France), here is some feedback on the Android app.

  • Depth Camera settings, RGB Camera settings reset each time you start a new scan. This can waste a lot of time. Even worse: in a location where you don’t want to use a strobing light, the fact that RGB Camera=>White LEDs" is turned back on every time you begin a new scan is a major issue. If you don’t want to annoy people around you, you have to cover the LEDs or hide the scanner in a bag, before turning this setting off. Which, again, is a waste of time.
    Possible solutions: remember those settings from one scan to the next, and/or add these settings on the “scan settings” screen, right before you start scanning.

  • It would be nice to be able to export multiple scans at once to a PC/Mac. At the moment, exporting every single scan one by one can be very tedious after a day of mobile scanning.
    This feature could be added to the “Edit” Menu. on the screen listing all scan projects.

  • When the manual white balance feature is added to Revo Scan, please also add it to the Android app, it would really improve the end result. In the example below, I was scanning from left to right: moving the scanner up, right, down, right, up, right… And I ended up with this banding effect. Probably caused by the white balance switching back and forth.
    (although I have to admit this is an extreme case, there was a bright window right behind the subject, so the scanning conditions were far from ideal)


That’s is exactly the issue I am talking about for over one year now , it is impossible to scan anything in color that is bigger in size , the white balance will change resulting in rainbow effect or change the natural colors .
Now it is impossible to fix hardware with a software , that why new firmware update need to be performed to add manual function for the white balance to control the RGB camera , it worked once fine , but for over a year no more …

For that reason scanning with color outdoors using natural ambient light will not deliver proper color data .

For me color data is one of the most important feature , not just because I need color textures , color data allows you to add more details to a scan in post up production by generating bump maps or alpha masking maps for additional details .

number one priority


The white balance might be set by the onboard electronics, the app doesn’t have any control over it? I though maybe that was the case. Hopefully we’ll get a firmware update soon.

And I don’t think there is any workaround at the moment: .img files stored in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\RevoScan5\Projects\Projectname\data\number&letters\cache seem to be .jpg files with an .img extension and I assume they are used to create the texture, but the metadata apparently doesn’t to store any white balance value. Besides, since these are jpeg pictures, not RAW, adjusting the white balance in post won’t give a very nice result.

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I already talked to the Dev.team about on our live meeting, the manual white balance function need to be added via the hardware firmware , after that the software update will add the function to control it , but since we have so many scans already each of them need to be upgraded with a new firmware before the main software … not overnight work that why it costs so much time .

The LED function in POP3 and INSPIRE control the white balance already the proper way , but it only works on small scans or if you have the LED ON and additional LED support on top and below the RGB camera … to some degrees of course … what I want is scanning using only ambient lighting because a lot of locations like museums don’t allows additional flashing lighting , so it is impossible to capture proper color data as you just experienced with your last big scan .

They are not a jpg but *.IMG files that can be converted to jpg or edited original in Photoshop or image editor that support .IMG files format … however to proper correct the white balance you need to have scanned also color chart together with your scan what is too much hassle since each if the images need to be adjusted manually and having color chart included and I was doing it already without success . Too much work, it is not worth the time and difficulty because the color chart messing up the tracking .

Maybe I will try to use natural gray sphere as it is used to capture HDR environment for CGI , it may help better capturing it while scanning but still why we have to go through it all if a simpler solution should be available with the RGB camera what should be a standard to begin with .

The point here is , that we should not looking for alternatives , as a professional users will not profit from it the way it is and hobbyist don’t have always the skills to correct it . It is a top selling feature here that should be a priority number one , that include :

1.CGI Artist/Modelers /Game developers
2. Museum and artifacts Preservation

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Thanks for the details! Indeed, providing this feature out of the box would be awesome.

Should the dev team require beta firmware testers, I’d be happy to volunteer. I own also a grey card and a color chart, these might come in handy depending on which tests are needed.

Revo Scan 5.2.4 for Windows & Revo Scan 5.2.2 for Android
System: Windows 11 & Galaxy S10

Currently, projects are displayed as a list on the main menu. Thumbnails are very, very small, and if you haven’t named your projects, you basically can’t really tell what a project is without opening it.

My suggestion: increase the default size. there is enough room to double the thumbnail size without changing the overall layout.

I would also love to be able to switch between a list mode and a gallery mode. The latter would display big thumbnails, 3 or 4 horizontally.
Basically, something similar to the way Sketchfab displays models.

Here a quick mockup using a Sketchfab screenshot:
(you could probably even display the name, date, size, “…” below each picture)

The same feature could be added to iOS & Android apps.


You can just plug your phone to your PC in usb tranfer mode navigate to the project folder of the app inside apdata and copy/past bulk projects.
I usually name them with a -nameofthescan after the unique name it creates so i know what is what


Yes we need quality color texture without having to rework on other software…
On revopoint FB pages, it seems car scanning is a particularly popular use.
But this is not the case for everyone.
Scanning art objects can be difficult when you need color textures, especially if it is not done in a studio!


Exactly Phil, thank you for your vote :grin: n that subject … I do not work with cars or reverse engineering, my works are game and 3D rendering assets and reconstructions , having proper color data is very important to me especially if you can’t use additional lighting and the only source is ambient environment light …


Please Vote if you need perfect color scans and textures .

  • I need manual white balance control for color scans
  • I don’t need color scans
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Thank you :+1:t2::blush:

Update: Revo Scan 5.3.0 features an improved home layout, just like I asked! Thank you!


Providing a changelog on the forum for each update is very nice, but I feel many users won’t see it, since when Revo Scan tells them there is an update, the download button directs them to the Download section , not to the changelog in the forum.

This update popup could probably be improved: for example by adding a text box with the changelog (with a scrollbar if there are many new features, like for 5.3.0), or by adding a third button that would say something like “changelog” and redirect the user to the dedicated forum thread.
I usually want to check the changelog, since some updates are just minors fixes or improvements that I don’t really need.

Also, is there a specific reason why the Windows version is shared as a compressed zip file? As far as I can tell, Revo Scan 5.3.0 weighs 210MB compressed, 216MB decompressed. Since the difference is so small, unless there is a specific reason, maybe sharing the file directly as an uncompressed .exe would make sense? (this would save each user a few clicks)


Maybe because there was issues with downloading for some users with the exe files … I was thinking the same at first …

Urgent suggestion

Revopoint needs to stop putting out new software without having a fallback to at least the known stable version.

That said congrats for the new update that listened to the community requests

Still new versions should not be posted as stable untill it have been tested by the public for at least a couple of weeks.

This latest release has a couple of issues and should have been posted as a Release Candidate (5.3.0.rc) and never replace directly the stable version.

5.3.0 Current issues

Current version know issues:

  • Reading and editing some older capture causes holes and bad fusing

  • There is currently no way to reenable the deleted frames, even tho they are not deleted from disk. (Sad to learn it is using the frame inf file instead of the global json file with ignore frames array that i was hoping they would be using)

  • Editing the individual frames (lasso/delete) is a destructive process "with no user warning! (depth map is permanently modified)

  • Inside frame editing pressing a workflow button causes a popup that makes you exit the frame edit even if that is not your intention, if you click cancel you lose all your modifications.

  • Some users report cannot maximize the app window

@Revopoint-Cassie @PUTV


I can ADD to this, that it’s not just for previous scans with the desktop app, but also with ACTUAL ( and previous ) scans from MOBILE APP.

So if today I scan something with my MOBILE APP ( IOS ) and send the result to the desktop app, the raw editting will mess it up.