Wrong delivery address

Hello! This is Yani from Greece! User of POP2 and backer of RANGE. I recently got an email to set my address of delivery to receive the RANGE and the country was set to New Zealand! There was no option to change the country to Greece!
Someone from the helpdesk, please, inform me how to fix that or whom to email for this issue!
Thanks in advance!

Hi, Cassie! Please check this. Thx!

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Hi @Yani ,

Please don’t worry. Our customer service team will help to solve your problem.

If they don’t contact you until next Tuesday, please email customer@revopoint3d.com.

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Thank you Cassie!

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Hi Yani, please don’t worry.
Please PM us on KS to change your address, and we will help you leave a note for the Logisitics Team.
Besides, we will send you a confirmation email to confirm your address again before shipping.