Badest Service & Support ever


i ordered my Revopoint Pop2 via Homepage on February 26th for a lot of money.
i have to pay instantly with my creditcard.

Now over 5 weeks later, i did receive nothing. no email, no tracking no, no item.

I tried several times to get in touch with revopoint members, they told me all the time, it will be shipped next week, next week, next week. Since last week its no longer possible to get directly in touch trough the website because revopoint has removed the live chat function. This sucks guys!

I wrote them an email, but got not an answer yet. Revopoint you suck! Thats not the way how to work with customers!!!

i did send you and email 2 days ago, i expect that you will give me an answer by end of the day! Otherwise i have to send this case to my lawer to get my money back!

I did not create any official bad rating yet about revopoint. But will do if you do not answer thats the only way i can avoid that someone else will buy on your shop. I also follow all the kickstarter backers. some of them are in the same situation. Stop making new damn videos and talk with your customers.

Never saw something like this before!

I know the situation in shenzen and china and all the covid stuff but its not my job to get informations about my package. You! have to inform your customer about the situation and suggest a solution.

And again, iam really frustrated about the situation please get in touch with me and send me my item i paid for 5 weeks ago!

ORDER: R169410001

Did you purchase from the Kickstarter campaign? Those items just started shipping in the last couple weeks and some have arrived, but others have yet to receive their tracking info.

Hi Jeff, no i did not, i used the official way, during my order process, the delivery date was scheduled at beginning of march. with FAST Shipping and on Stock!

Interesting. I thought the Kickstarter shipments would go first.

I don’t know what to tell you, so I am going to flag @Revopoint-Cassie ; she handles customer support here on the forum.

5 more days are gone.

This is the message i received 3 days ago:

Really so sorry for the delayed reply

,We were about to ship your reward earlier this week, however, the outbreak situation of Covid-19 got worse in Shanghai, 500 packages were holding back and waiting for FedEx to pick up again when it is allowed to.

According to the latest news from the customs officials, they will start handling the oversea packages from April 2nd which means you will receive the package at least by April 4th to April 6th.

We sincerely apologize for the delay in the delivery and appreciate your understanding and patience with us.

No tracking number yet.

i will wait 5 more days, than i need a refund. its quite to long. I know the Situation in Shanghai or shenzen, but i have to deliver my own work to my customer als in time. I have quite a delay of 4 weeks now regarding your delay.

Please get in touch with me! and dont write me a standardized email what i already know.

There’s a multi-day holiday in China right now. This one honors the dead, so they’re pretty diligent about it. As I understand it, Customer Support will return on the 6th.

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Hi Jeff,

i dont care about multiday holiday in china. They promised me so often to deliver it, nothing happens.

I will a refund now. Time is over.