Official Notification about Kickstarter order

Offical Notification

We already printed all the address label, so you can’t modify your address after 1th, April. And you can’t add new accessories in your order too.

If you want to buy accessories for your POP, you can buy them from Offical store:


I don’t remember giving you my address? Who do I contact about that. I already sent an email (I replied to a previous email asking to confirm but no response)

Are you a backer of Revopoint POP in kickstarter?If you didn’t give address to us,please email it to us.

which email address?

Please send your backer number and your address, phone number to email

When should I expect tracking information? Backer #3267

Can I have a confirm that you received my address?
I sent you a email but no answer.

Which email address did you send?

My email address is

Revopoint just replied me yesterday :+1:

wait a few days,you will receive your tracking number

Received the exact same yesterday. This is a generic response with no real information.
They are at minimum 2 weeks plus behind schedule for the low number backers and this does not provide any real shipping eta. What’s a few days, 3 or 20?